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 Split Nightmare (PG-13, Original - Mystery?)

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PostSubject: Split Nightmare (PG-13, Original - Mystery?)   Tue Sep 09, 2008 5:44 pm

(Short part from Leona's story that I've been really wanting to write. Enjoy. Just be warned there's a bit of swearing at the end, but..)

Szayzel looked out her window and stared up at the sky. The moonlight reflected on the puddles that were made a while ago by the pouring rain. I should honestly be trying to sleep, not staring out my window.. she thought to herself. About to walk into her bedroom, the phone rang. ...Who could be calling at 2 in the morning? Szayzel wondered, quickly making her way over to the phone. She sighed at the caller ID. ..Rothorne. What could he possibly need this late at night.. Szayzel picked up her phone sleepily, pretending she just got up from a deep sleep for whatever reason. "...Hello? This is Miss Szayze-" she spoke into the phone. "...It's not like you gotta repeat your usual greeting every time I call you, you know.." Rothorne said with an annoyed tone. "Yeah.. I'm just making sure it's not some random guy who just murdered you and is pretending to be you. ...What do you need?" Szayzel sighed. "Szayzel.. listen. Can you come over to my place? I know it's late, but I was busy today and I need to talk to you about the last case you worked on.."

Szayzel blinked. "...You were busy until 2 in the morning? Geez. What were you working on, anyway?" "That isn't important right now.. just come over, okay?" he sighed. Szayzel put on her usual clothes instead of some pajamas, obediently following Rothorne's orders. Knocking on his door, she heard a voice or two inside, one similar to her's. "Rothorne.. would you really rather die than hand me that information about what really went on behind the case...?" Hearing the word "die" involved from what she heard, not even bothering to be polite, she barged in the house running to where she heard the voice.

A woman that looks strangely similar to Szayzel walked up to her. "...Do I know you?" Szayzel asked. "You probably don't.. but I do." The woman smiled rather creepily as the moonlight shone on her face. Szayzel shivered. "...How, though? How?" she muttered. "I could never forget you, you know.. you replaced me, pretty much. After you started working as a detective, being pretty much Rothorne's assistant, which I was before.. I got replaced. I've never liked you." Szayzel put her hand in her pocket, hoping to find her cell phone quick. She had a feeling what was going to happen next. The shadow-like woman turned to Rothorne again. "..So, you were saying? You said you wanted to die instead of give me that info? Or is the good miss over here going to give me the info, like you said?" she glared.

Rothorne remained silent for a moment. "..I told you. I don't know what happened behind that case completely, if Leona was under a deal or not. I. Don't. Know." he glared back. The shadow sighed irritatedly. ".....You should know, worthless piece of shit. Don't you have a bunch of bitches who go ahead and tell you every little thing? Or is because of how SHITTY you are?" she spat, reaching for something sharp. Szayzel found her cell phone and opened it up right away, shaking. Right when she was about to call the police, Szayzel woke up.

...What. Who.. was that? Was it just a... nightmare?

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Split Nightmare (PG-13, Original - Mystery?)
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