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 Rules of the anime forum! (2008)

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PostSubject: Rules of the anime forum! (2008)   Sat Mar 15, 2008 4:42 pm

First off, since I'm finaly the mod here again, I'd like to lay down the rules:

Star No whining please. No, I don't mean the kind the fandom is known for. That's unstopable. What I mean is: If you don't like the anime, don't post here. I will infract people who bash the anime. More or less I mean no "PIKACHU SUCKZ! ASH IS HAX0R", crap like I've seen at some sites.

Star I'm going to talk about it with Cheese, but I'm hoping that you'll be more civalized then the people at Bulbagarden about the VA switch, so please don't make a SOVA / SONVA club here, since we here don't really care whether or not Sarah or Veronica voices Ash. I trust you all with being civil and considerate, so don't blow it. However, you may put SOVA / SONVA in your sig.

Star Music, sound clip, or screen shot requests must be placed in their respective threads, witch I will make shortly.

Star All other forum rules apply.

Star Have fun!

Last edited by Tina on Fri Jun 20, 2008 3:51 pm; edited 3 times in total (Reason for editing : Changed Satoshi to Ash. (Please, Cheese, use the English names when editing my posts!) (Edit by Tina: Stickying))
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Rules of the anime forum! (2008)
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