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 General Rules

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PostSubject: General Rules   General Rules EmptySat Sep 20, 2008 8:31 pm

Alto Mare Rules
Here are some rules to follow before posting in the forums, so it will remain a nice place to chat.

Rule #1: Please do not spam.

Spamming can be defined as:

* Being stupid, pointless, or annoying, which is what spam stands for.
* Not contributing to a topic or not fitting in the forum.
* Being offensive, or making no sense at all.

Rule #2: Be respectful to all our members and to this forum.

Do not bash, flame, or troll any members. If you believe that a member has been doing any of this to you in either a post, private message, or during a chat, please report the post using the report button, or contact a staff member for the latter two. Don't use words that may be offensive to a member aren't allowed, even when used jokingly.

Rule #3: Please don't post about anything illegal or anything pornographic.

Do not link to any ROMs, hacks, warez, illegal content, or any other kind of that stuff. In addition, any discussion or images of pornography aren't allowed here at all. Remember, there are younger members here.

Rule #4: Do not double-post, or make multiple accounts.

If you need to ever add/remove anything on your posts, please use the Edit button. It is on the upper-right on your posts. Do not make multiple accounts either to either evade a ban or just because. Doing so may result in a ban.

Rule #5: No advertising or discussion about banned members.

If you would ever like to advertise a site, please use your signature for that. Lastly, please don't talk about any banned members. They are banned, and shouldn't be discussed.

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General Rules
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