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 Skarmory Armors D/P Team

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PostSubject: Skarmory Armors D/P Team   Wed Apr 09, 2008 12:38 pm

I only have three right now.

Ninjask@Focus Band

Dragonite@ Lum Bery

Milotic @ Leftovers

Gengar@Salac Berry

Basically Ninjask is gonna be a starter w/ sunny day sword dnace and baton pass. And maybe Sub or X-sissor. Anyways If the other lead pokemon and sand stream, it would use sunny day, to keep the Sandstom away, while the opposig pokemon leaves it with 1 hp, getting a speed boost and then batoning to Dragontie

Dragonite would have DD, Outrage, EQ and Fire Punch (to deal w/ steel types), basically a Phyisical Sweep, and with that ninjask Speed/SD Baton pass that might negate the need of a DD on the fist turn in.

Milotic would have Hypnosis, Ice Beam, Recover, and STAB Surf. Basicaly having a heavy defensive EV spread it would allow it to be a Sleep tank.

Gengar would have night slash, focus blast, subby, and maybe ice beam. A speed and SpA EV spead, would make my Special Sweeper

Any othe ideas for my other two? I really cant think of any :scratch:
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PostSubject: Re: Skarmory Armors D/P Team   Wed Apr 09, 2008 4:44 pm

Good team.

But there's two problems.

One, Gengar can't learn Ice Beam, only HP Ice.

And, Night Slash is a physical move, plus it has mediocre coverage.

Replace with Shadow Ball.


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Skarmory Armors D/P Team
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