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 The Thieves of Sinnoh - Rated PG

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PostSubject: The Thieves of Sinnoh - Rated PG   Mon Apr 07, 2008 5:46 pm

I've taken the liberty of finally giving the story a proper title. I have the story mapped out in my head now, something I didn't exactly do before I started writing. :silent:

My first attempt at a fan fiction. It's all-pokemon, and it's meant to be a comedy. Chances are it'll get at least a little serious later on, 'cause that's how I roll. :pirat: Anyway, hope you enjoy it.

And now, a Chapter Jump feature!
- Chapter 0: Below
- Chapter 1: City in the Swamp
- Chapter 2: The Thieves

// Chapter 0
So there I was, trapped like a Rattata. I couldn't trust anyone around me. All my closest friends were suddenly my most hated enemies. A bead of sweat ran down my forehead, and I pretended not to notice. I could not show weakness or fear here. I tightened a fist and braced myself.


"Go fish!"

That was the end of it. I slammed my paw on the ground and tossed my cards everywhere. "This is ridiculous!" I yelled. "You guys are the worst cheaters I've ever seen!"

"As if you can tell," said Yuki. Nobody could ever tell whether she was cheating or not. Her expression was as blank as ever, and she could beat a snake in a staring contest with ease. Nobody ever figured out how. Her cold stare could shatter the toughest of facades and invoke sheer terror in any person, place, or thing. Cold stare, that's what it was. The coldest Glaceon the world had ever seen.

"Lighten up," said Kogasu. "You're just being sore because you're losing. Me, I'm up for another game! How about you two?"

Nobody liked to see Kogasu win either. He was always so full of himself, pride in a package. He had collected nearly the entire deck in front of him, and sat laughing as if he had taken over the world. Yuki and I were not amused. Most peole expected a Flareon to be respectable and honorable, but five minutes with Kogasu definitively proves that one can't judge a book by its cover.

"Ugh, enough." I said. It wasn't long before I couldn't take his laughing any more. "When the others get ba--"

"What when we get back?"

Kokoro's voice always snatched my attention. Especially when I had had no one to listen to all morning besides Kogasu. I would rather hear Wynaut and Wobbuffet talk back and forth than Kogasu's flaunting, and Kokoro than almost anything else.

Shuurai had taken Shinrin, Kokoro, and Unabara off to collect food, and they came back with their favorite foods and extras to share. Kokoro knew my favorite berries, and had brought a large bag full. Unabara brought a healthy catch of fish from the river by Mount Coronet, and a chicken bone for Kogasu. We all knew he deserved it. Shuurai snuck food from town to share with Yuki, and Shinrin brought a giant ham for herself. She was never really one to share.

"Where the heck did you get that!?" I almost choked on my Leppa berry.

"That's what took us so long," Unabara said. "We had to track her down. She went all the way to the swamp!"

Unabara hated having to chase Shinrin around all the time. He hated swamps too, the water was "yucky", he said. As a Vaporeon, he only liked clean water. The same way, Shinrin claimed to like the plants because of how big they get.

"I hate swamps too." I said. "A bunch of drowned plants is even more depressing than none at all."

Shinrin scoffed. It seemed plants were all the same to her.

"It's not a swamp, it's a marsh." Shuurai corrected. Only he would know the difference, if there even was one.

Shuurai was not the oldest one of us--that was Kogasu--but he was certainly the most mature. His pride was a respectable one, and we all valued his leadership and judgment. I questioned his judgment right now, though, as he should have known better than to let Shinrin run off on her own.

"Whatever," she said, taking a mammoth-sized bite out of her catch. Shinrin probably ate more meat than all of us combined. She never ate berries or plants, it was cannibalism to her. All she ever ate was meat, and her appetite even put Kogasu's to shame.

Kogasu was expecting as big a meal as everyone else, so it took him a moment to notice the chicken bone Unabara tossed in front of him.

"What's this!?" Kogasu exclaimed, staring at the bone. "You call this LUNCH!?"

"I found that in the back of the Kentucky Fried Combusken in Hearthome." Unabara said. "Do you know how deep I had to dig in the dumpster to get that?"

Kogasu's eye twitched.

"I didn't, it was on the ground."

All of us burst out laughing, even Yuki. We knew he had that coming. He threw the bone at Unabara.

"Alright, everyone," Shuurai began. Whenever Shuurai spoke, everyone listened. "We're going someplace new starting tomorrow. A place I heard of in town."

"Where is it?" Kokoro asked, munching on a Petaya berry. She always seemed to enjoy the weirdest berries.

"I don't know the exact name, but I heard it's somewhere past Oria."

"Pasht Owia?" Shinrin mumbled with her face half-buried in her food.

Shuurai gave her a scorning look for a moment, then continued. "I didn't really get it either. I just heard a trainer say there was something going on 'in past Oria.' But I found out it's somewhere in the marsh."

"The swamp again?" Unabara dropped his shoulders. "Isn't there a... less muddy way?"

"I don't think so, from this side." I said. I knew a little geography myself. Almost the entire area southeast of Mount Coronet was swampland. We were just south of Hearthome City.

"I bet it's treasure!" Kokoro exclaimed. "A treasure hunt!"

"Last I checked, 'Pastoria' was a city." Yuki sighed, munching on a poffin. "Don't know whose bright idea it was, building a city in a swamp."

"It's a marsh," Shuurai said.

"A city!?" Kokoro exclaimed. Her eyes grew brighter this time. "I bet there's treasure there! How about you, Kage?" She looked at me as if she were serious. "What do you think is there?"

I hadn't seen much of the world outside of the jail. But I wasn't going to say that, not in front of Kokoro. "I guess... um... treasure?"

"Yippee!" she cheered. She grabbed me by the collar and I almost choked on my Hondew berry. "We'll find the most!"

Once Kokoro had her mind made up on something, there was no way to tell her if she was wrong. She would get what she wanted, one way or another. There was something I envied about that spirit of hers.

"You two make such a mismatched couple," Shuurai said. I felt it was true.

We wandered south until sunset, the seven of us. Kogasu the Flareon, Unabara the Vaporeon, Shuurai the Jolteon, Shinrin the Leafeon, Yuki the Glaceon, Kokoro the Espeon, and me, Kage the Umbreon. We were an odd bunch, and we liked it that way.


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PostSubject: Re: The Thieves of Sinnoh - Rated PG   Mon Apr 07, 2008 6:15 pm

Ah, an Eeveelution fic!

You kept me guessing about which Eeveelution each one was until the end. I had a fairly good guess that's what they were from the start, anyway.

Very good.

Rabid Kenta fangirl since seeing LOT the first time. Just don't call him Jimmy! >=O

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PostSubject: The Thieves of Sinnoh, Chapter 1   Wed Apr 09, 2008 2:38 pm

Okay, so it turns out it's more my style to write serious stories of courage and companionship and whatnot. But I'm doing my best to keep the characters lighthearted and fun. So here it is, the official Chapter 1.

// Chapter 1 = City in the Swamp
The sun rose early that day, something Shuurai said had something to do with the season. In the swamp, we didn't appreciate the heat either.

"Yuck!" said Unabara. The smell of mud and peat was thick.

"It's not so bad!" said Shinrin. She had no trouble almost swimming in the murky mess.

I just followed quietly. The swamp was familiar to me, and brought back memories I thought I had left behind.

"How big is this place?" Unabara asked Shuurai. He knew he was the only one who would know.

But Shuurai slowed down and looked around. Every tree or shrub or overgrown root or whatever these plants were, they all looked the same. The mud all around looked exactly the same as everywhere else. There was no trail to follow! I could tell he had gotten us lost, but he pretended to know where he was going. If he panicked, everyone would panic. He always had to stay calm.

"Of course!" He said after an awkward silence. "We need to go east!"

"Which way is east?" asked Kogasu. "You do know that, right?"

"It's the way the sun rose, right?" Kokoro said.

"Oh yeah, that's right!"

We were facing the opposite direction of the sun.

"It's this way!"

It didn't take long to reach the other edge of the swamp. The town seemed like paradise after the trip.

"Finally," sighed Yuki. She had been silent the entire time, but she really couldn't bear it any more than the rest of us.

"Well, what now?" I asked. The trip had taken so long I had forgotten why we came.

"Um, well, I kinda--"

"Let's find the treasure!" Kokoro burst out and ran off.

"Hey, wait for me!" Shinrin chased after her. Unabara and Kogasu looked at each other briefly, then wandered off. They wanted to see what the fuss was too.

I sauntered behind. I felt as if we were being watched.

"Something wrong, Kage?" Shuurai asked. He was always sympathetic to our feelings. I probably could have told him why I was nervous.

"Um, nothing." I said. "It's just this heat." I felt cold.

"Why don't you and Kokoro look for that treasure of yours?"

With that, he walked off. I was actually curious what Kokoro would get into, looking for treasure. One way or another, she would find something. She always did.

Unabara had found what the locals called the "Great Marsh," which we of course didn't really understand. Wasn't this whole place a "great marsh?"

"What could be in there?" he thought. "More mud? What's so 'great' about that?"

"I think this is what the townspeople were talking about in Hearthome." Shuurai. said as he caught up with them. "We should check it out!"

Kogasu wasn't about to go in. "We just got out of a swamp! Now you want us to go into a 'great' one? Count me out!"

Shinrin would have gladly joined him, but she was busy, well, being Shinrin. She and Yuki found a house full of little heart-shaped charms, and Yuki made a deep blue one into a pendant and wore it. Shinrin could have done the same, but nothing ever really looked good on her...

Shuurai hiked out into the Great Marsh alone, keeping alert for anyone that might be there or whatever might have been lurking. If this was where the trouble was, there was no telling what could happen. Then that very thought struck him. What if he was caught here, alone? He turned back toward the city.

I wandered about looking for Kokoro. "She doesn't need a heart scale," I thought. "Maybe I should find something for her..."

"Kage! Look what I found!"

I turned just a bit toward where I heard her voice, and by then she had already tackled me.

"Kage, look!" she stepped back and let me get up. It was Kokoro all right, sitting back with her chin high to make sure I took notice of her new accessory. She was wearing a red, silky scarf around her neck. It was the same hue as the garnet on her forehead. "I found this in a house over there! A nice human gave it to me. Isn't it cute?"

"I... uh..." I always seemed to hesitate when she got all excited like this. When I said something, she would either tackle me with joy or tear my throat out. I knew I wanted to compliment her, but something else stopped me this time. "It's--"


Kogasu and Unabara paced around nervously in front of the Great Marsh, calling Shuurai's name at intervals. Their panic had attracted Yuki and Shinrin too. If something happened to Shuurai, what would we do?

"What's going on?" I asked. "Is Shuurai in there?"

"Yeah," said Kogasu. "He's been gone for hours!"

The sunset had come slowly because of the summer. We didn't realize how late it had gotten, but once it got dark, it got dark fast.

"Don't be so lazy!" Shinrin burst. "If he won't answer, go look for him!" And with that, she bounded off into the marsh.

"Wait!" Unabara called.

We all knew Shinrin would never listen. And if we let her go off, we would only end up having to track her down later. So we went in with her, getting ourselves all muddy again. She was the only one who enjoyed the swamp.

"Eww, I can't get mud on my scarf!" Kokoro complained.

We didn't wander in the marsh for long before I knew what had happened. I found a chain with a charm on it, but this was not pretty like the charm Yuki made. It was a ghostly blue, and engraved in the round charm attached to it was an ominous emblem, a black crescent moon turned on its side.

"What's that?" Kogasu asked. He had come up quietly behind me and saw that something had my attention.

I pretended not to know what it was.

On a hill at the edge of the marsh, a cloaked figure watched carefully and etched us into its mind. It sat observing silently for some time, then melted away into the darkness. But I could feel it; it did not leave the swamp at all. It was getting closer.

"Hey, uh, why don't we... go back to town?" I shivered. I tried to steady my voice.

"And leave Shuurai out here? We can't do that!" said Kogasu.

"H-hey, this is Shuurai we're talking about. He'll be fine, right? He might have already made it back and he's looking for us..."

It took some more coaxing, but I did convince the others to go back to town. I quietly trailed behind them, then slipped out of sight. I still felt that ghostly figure hovering around, and I didn't want them to see what was going to happen. I found a hiding place and watched them to make sure they all made it back to the city. I sat silently for a while, because I knew the ghost was watching me.



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PostSubject: Re: The Thieves of Sinnoh - Rated PG   Fri Apr 11, 2008 8:01 pm

This is really good.
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PostSubject: The Thieves of Sinnoh - Chapter 2   Sat Apr 12, 2008 7:14 am

Darn, the more I write, the more depressing it gets. Not that keeping things happy while the bad guys are introduced is easy. :| The mood is starting to get tense now, and chances are it'll stay that way for a while.

// Chapter 2 = The Thieves
The shadowy Honchkrow descended behind me on her silent wings. She probably knew I knew she was following me. I knew she knew.

"So nice to know you remember me, Shadow." she said, in her whispy but aged voice. "Well met."

I stood up and turned around. I tried to raise my head, but she knew I was scared. I knew she knew.

"You're still as cowardly as ever, aren't you?" she taunted. "And what might that be around your wrist?" She eyeballed the bandage I kept around my right paw.

"It's... it's... it's what I think of you!" I stammered.

She chuckled as she saw me shaking. "You didn't think you could escape us just by changing your name, did you? And now you've brought friends with you too--"

"Where is he!?" I yelled. But I knew I didn't sound strong. She loved these mind games, because I couldn't help but play straight into them.

She stood up higher and put her wing to her chin. "Ohhh, I don't know..."

"Stop lying to me, Albatross!" I grew louder.

She looked down on me, then at the crescent pendant I concealed from Kogasu and the others.

"So nice of you to retrieve that for me." she said. "Now kindly return it, would you?"

I knew she had dropped this pendant on purpose, to get my attention. She was an expert at toying with people. I tried to growl, but it probably sounded more like a whimper. Albatross burst out laughing.

"Ohhh, you're so cute when you're mad, aren't you!"


She stepped forward and planted a talon into the ground, and I instantly choked on my growl. She paused, then brought herself down to eye level with me. She gave a sinister grin.

"You better not... have done anything to him!"

"Ohhh, that would be a shame, now wouldn't it?" Albatross chuckled. "Give me your best guess, what would I want with him?"

"Ah... I..."

She stepped even closer, this time she grew less playful and more intimidating. I couldn't move.

"Yes," she hissed. "You. And all of your friends. You're going to bring them to Solaceon Town. We'll have ourselves a little party."

I remembered Solaceon Town. I escaped capture there once myself, but I didn't know if I could get Shuurai, or everyone else, out with me a second time.

Albatross stepped back and turned around. "Don't keep us waitiiing!~♪" she sang. She then whipped her wings wide and vanished into the sky.

I sat alone in the darkness for a while. What should I do? Was it my fault Shuurai had been kidnapped? Why did I leave the others and try to confront Albatross myself? To show how brave I was? Boy was I brave. She was probably laughing all the way back to Solaceon.

---- Meanwhile... ----

"Wake up, kid." said a deep voice.

Shuurai groaned. He might have lied there on the floor forever if the Machoke didn't knock him on the head. He slowly opened his eyes.

"Aaaah... nnngh..."

"Get up!"

The Machoke hit him on the head again. Shuurai could barely feel it. His entire body was numb.

"This is the 'leader,' huh?" said the voice. "He ain't so tough."

Shuurai lifted his head. His wrists and ankles were shackled to the floor on short chains. "Whe... whe..."

"Welcome to the Thieves, kid." said the voice.

The Machoke stepped aside and revealed a sitting hound with devil horns and eyes of flame. The hound stepped forward and crouched down to Shuurai.

"You can call me Howl." he said. "I'm your new friend."

"F... friend..." Shuurai groaned.

"Yes, that's right."

"Whe... where..."

"Oh yes, you don't know where you are?" Howl stood up. "Heh, I can't tell you that. But you'll know soon, kid."

"My... friends..."

Howl chuckled and lowered his head toward Shuurai. "They'll be here soon, kid. Just save your strength. Can't have you fainting in the middle of a raid, can we?"

He rose again and walked off a short distance, then turned and whispered to the Machoke. "Make sure everyone is ready. No screw-ups." The Machoke nodded and the two went on their ways.


I drifted back to the city. Were the others still searching for Shuurai? What if they thought I was lost, too? I hid in the trees.

I saw Yuki sitting still and silent next to the city's Pokemon Center with her head low. She might have been crying. I wanted to approach her, but then Unabara came.

"We'll find them," he said to her. "They can't be far..."

They, I thought. They were looking for me too. I slipped by them and hid behind a house when I heard someone coming.

"Kokoro?" I whispered. I recognized her soft footsteps.

She darted around the corner to me. "Kage!? Kage! You're here!" Her face beamed, but I saw uncertainty in her eyes.

"Please, keep quiet."

Her face began to fall. "Where's Shuurai?"

I gulped. "I..."

Kokoro drew closer and looked into my eyes. "Did... something happen?"

"I know... where Shuurai is..." I started to cry. "...I'm scared..."

I must have looked like a fool in front of her. I sank to the ground and covered my face.

She laid down with me and waited for me to stop sobbing. "Kage..." she said softly. Her voice calmed me. "That's why we're all here. We're friends, Kage... We're always there for each other."

Always there, I thought... It was time for me to be there for someone. I couldn't be a coward any more, my friend was in danger.

"Kokoro..." I said as I began to raise my head.

Kokoro began to sit up too.

"The Thieves," I said. "They took him... and they want us, too."

I showed her the crescent pendant.


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PostSubject: Re: The Thieves of Sinnoh - Rated PG   

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The Thieves of Sinnoh - Rated PG
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