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 Pokémon Fakemon Discussion.

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PostSubject: Pokémon Fakemon Discussion.   Wed Mar 19, 2008 7:45 am

I figured that we ought to have a thread were people can discuss their fakemon ideas, fake regions, trainers, and so forth. There doesn't seem to a place to put this, so I'll put it here.


Games: Pokemon Granite and Coral.

Anime: Motrogh adventures, pokemon Granite and Coral.

Manga: Pokemon adventures Granite and Coral.

The regain:

Matrogh, coruption of Matruh, a coastal town town in Egypt.

Discription: Much as Johto is a twin to Kanto, Matrogh lies on Orre's western border.
Unlike it's twin however, Matrogh is a bit more green, and has been able to support a full Pokemon League. It is still ocasionally plauged by visits from Team Snagem and Cipher though. But up till the start of the player's journey, no one has ever reported shadow pokemon in Matrogh.

Gym line up:

Ghost gym, Ally:

Gohko (Fakemon) Lv.8
Gastly Lv.10
Spirander (Fakemon) Lv.15

Flying gym, Avery:

Azuefinch (Fakemon) Lv.16
Buefinch (Fakemon) Lv.18

Dark gym, Marvin:

Absight (Fakemon) Lv.20
Absol Lv.21
Spiritomb Lv.24
Absight Lv.18

Water gym, Marley:

Lechafish (Fakemon) Lv.26
Quagsire Lv.27
Seaeach (Fakemon) Lv.30

Phsychic gym, Payton:

Espeon Lv.30
Mr.Mime Lv.32
Baystay (Fakemon) Lv.33

Ice gym, Brice:

Swinub Lv.34
Piloswine Lv.40
Harpup (Fakemon) Lv.41
Harsell (Fakemon) Lv.43

Dragon gym, Conner:

Wytot (Fakemon) Lv.42
Wyeger (Fakemon) Lv.45
Wyalt (Fakemon) Lv.47

Fire gym, Carol:

Macargo Lv.48
Rapidash Lv.49
Figer (Fakemon) Lv.50
Slugma Lv.44

Towns: (Matroghese towns are all named after coulds or sky things)

Could town (home town)
Cumilii town (No gym, akin to Oldale, Cherrygrove, Sangem and Viridian)
Nimbii city (Ally's gym)
Hach village (Avery's gym)
Serii town (Marvin's gym)
High town (No gym)
Mome city (Marley's gym)
Wing city (Payton's gym)
Tyto town (Brice's gym)
Quazar city (Conner's gym)
Feather town (No gym)
Windy Islands (Carol's gym)
Rise town (League Islands)



Female/Coral/Hally/(Does anybody have a good Japanese name for the female player?)


The grass bears:

Chirsprout (Level 18)
Chirover (Level 32)

The fire cats:

Flameline (Level 16)
Figer (Level 36)

The water leaches:

Leachfish (Level 14)
Leechight (Level 30)

Starter pokemon:


Name: Chirseed
Type: Grass
Class: Seed bear pokemon
Appearance: Chirseed resembles a young bear or a teddy bear. It is white with two green stripes running down it's back, giving it a onion-like appearance. It has a clover sprouting from it's head that will multiply upon evolution. It stand on all fours, but can also rear up on it's hind legs like real bears. Unlike real bears, it's ears a rather cat-like.

Special moves: Vine stomp, the user hits the ground with a four paw, causing vines to erupt from the earth.

Evloves: Level 18 into Chirsprout.

Name: Chirsprout
Type: Grass/Dark
Class: Clover bear pokemon
Appearance: A bigger, bulkier version of Chirseed. The clover on it's head has become a small bush of clovers, giving it an afro-look. It also has three stripes running down it's back instead of just two. The white on it's body is tinted slightly brown. The ears are still cat-like. It is also more aggresive then the peacefull Chirseed. Unlike Chirseed, Chirsprout enjoys getting around by walking on it's hind legs. However, it still walks on all fours occasionally.

Evolves: Level 32 into Chirover.

Name: Chirover
Type: Grass/Dark
Class: clover blanket pokemon
Appearance: An upright bear pokemon that stands solidly on two legs. It walks hunched over, however. It has four green stripes running across it's belly and brown fur. On it's back, running down from it's head, is a giant bushel of clovers that resebles an indian chief's headress. It has giant claws on it's hand-paws, that developed after it learned to stand upright all the time. It can have a violent temeperment if angerd, thus it's Grass/Dark typing.

The Fire staters:

Name: Flamiten
Type: Fire.
Class: Char kitten pokemon.
Appearance: Flamiten is a small, red kitten pokemon with a tan belly. It has huge ears with flames burning at the tips, and the flaming tail standerd of fire starters. It has enormas green eyes resembling the huge eyes of real kittens. Old wise tales say that if you look into a Flamiten's eyes, it learns all your secrets.

Special moves: Fire ball. The user munipulates it's aura to create a fire ball, then hurls it at the foe.

Evolves: Level 16 into Flamline.

Name: Flameline
Type: Fire/Phsychic
Class: Hypnotic cat pokemon.
Appearance: Flameline walks on four feet. It's ankles burn with intense fire that makes it's scratching moves more efective, as they also burn the foe. Flameline also has the same tail as it's pre-evo, of course. Flameline spend their time honeing their Phsychic and Fire abilities on mountain tops alone. If you look at it's eyes for too long, you become hypnotized.

Evolves: Level 36 into Figer.

Name: Figer
Type: Fire/Phsychic
Class: Psi cat pokemon
Appearance: Figer is a huge, red, tiger-like pokemon with fire burning on it's ears, tail, and ankles. Like Flameline, it has hypnotizing eyes that it uses to catch prey. It's powers are fully devoloped at this point, allowing it to use full-blown phsychic attacks such as Extrasensory and Phsychic, along with it's fire moves. It has a bloody looking scar over one eye.

The Water starters:

Name: Fangish.
Type: Water.
Class: Trainee Leech pokemon.
Appearance: Fangish has a blue, slug-like body and a mouth with two, giant Leech-like fangs. It resebles several species of sea-slug. It has red dots decorating its back, stalk-eyes, and pointed ears. (Yes, it has ears). They often use their fangs like swords in compations that apperantly decide who's in charge. Despite it's docile and even some-what goofy apperance, it won't hesistate to take a bite out of anything that moves.

Special moves: Smother wave. The user summons a wave and holds the foe under the water. May cause confusion.

Evolves: Level sixteen into Leechfish.

Name: Leechfish.
Type: Water/Fighting.
Class: Fist Leech Pokemon.
Appearance: Leechfish, while not swimming, stands on it's
tail fins, shaped and positioned like a Swimmer's diving fins. It now has a blue, fish-like body and wears boxing gloves on it's hand-fins. It has fins on either sides of it's head and a snout with three Leech-fangs. It has a fluffy blue tail that is water proof, allowing Leechfish to swim at great speeds without the tail causing resistence.

Evolves: Level 36 into Leechight.

Name: Leechight.
Type: Water/Fighting.
Class: Brawl Leech Pokemon.
Appearance: Leechight appears similar to Leechfish, abiet larger. It has four fangs in it's snout, as upossed to Leechfish's three and Fangish's two. It also has a single, large, dark-blue spike-fin running down it's back, with darker coloration then the rest of it's body. Like Leechfish, it wears boxing gloves on it's hands, except Leechight's gloves are the same navy blue as it's
it's back spike, where as Leechfish's gloves are red. Leechight also wears a black head band.

Rabid Kenta fangirl since seeing LOT the first time. Just don't call him Jimmy! >=O

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PostSubject: Re: Pokémon Fakemon Discussion.   Wed Mar 19, 2008 3:19 pm

I kinda want to see a Water/Ghost type starter.


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PostSubject: Re: Pokémon Fakemon Discussion.   Wed Mar 19, 2008 3:26 pm

What do you think of mine?

Rabid Kenta fangirl since seeing LOT the first time. Just don't call him Jimmy! >=O

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PostSubject: Re: Pokémon Fakemon Discussion.   Wed Mar 19, 2008 5:10 pm

Flamiten would probably be the first fire starter I've ever chosen (I usually go for the Water-types)
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PostSubject: Re: Pokémon Fakemon Discussion.   Sat Mar 29, 2008 4:31 pm

This should really go to the VG Discussion thread.


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PostSubject: Re: Pokémon Fakemon Discussion.   

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Pokémon Fakemon Discussion.
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