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 Owning up to the developmental parameters

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Owning up to the developmental parameters Empty
PostSubject: Owning up to the developmental parameters   Owning up to the developmental parameters EmptyMon Sep 07, 2009 11:03 pm

Studies on developmental responsibilities and profitability of banks state that banking costs, profits and social benefits arising out of banking operations cannot be ignored. It claims that profit maximization approach is out of place while referring to profitability of banks. The study also recognized that while fulfilling the social responsibility, banks should try to make the developmental business as successful as possible, reduce costs, improve banking system and increase the overall productivity.

Another expert advocated the use of work measurement principle in banking to test the efficiency of the system by using these concepts in a simple manner. He identified other uses of work measurement such as adjusting the current staffing levels, projecting future staffing levels, justifying overtime, determining unit cost and pricing of services, budgeting staff expenses, comparing employee or branch performance, etc. However practical utility of the application of work measurement concept in banking is questionable.

However, the study on the performance of the commercial banks, presented a performance evaluation model on the basis of important quantifiable parameters of performance. The main conclusions were:
• The present system of ranking the banks on the basis of aggregate deposits failed to reflect their overall achievements
• The existing system of performance budgeting is not suitable at the branch level
• On the basis of all the important quantifiable parameters of performance, an integrated performance index needs to be developed for evaluating the performance of the commercial banks

Bankers like rod aycox have implemented major measures to improve productivity. Each employee is given performance incentives after evaluating his output during each quarter. To earn more the employees at LoanMax do not mind working overtime. Such is their commitment to the organization and it has resulted in major changes.
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Owning up to the developmental parameters
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