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 Leona Justins: Ace Attorney (PG-13, grate fanfickshun -- REWRITTEN)

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PostSubject: Leona Justins: Ace Attorney (PG-13, grate fanfickshun -- REWRITTEN)   Mon Jan 05, 2009 2:58 pm

Episode One
Turnabout Rise and Fall
... ... ...
MASON_system.exe cannot retrieve case data (error: 1228). Please return to the main screen and try again.


Episode Two
Turnabout Realization
(The case starts up with a man around his 40s attempting to fix an inflatible Halloween decoration. He's struggling to get it working.)
"Come on... just work already. I paid 120 bucks for this, it better work..." he mumbled to himself. A woman walked across over to where he was working and gave him an odd look.
"You're not going to get anywhere with that. Here, let me help you.." she said. "It's nice of you to help but-- GAH!" The man collasped on the ground, as the lady had hit him with an object of sorts. She quickly hung him on the tree before he regained conciousness, and fled.

November 1st, 12:28 PM
Leona's Room

Leona scribbled down a couple notes to herself in her journal before picking up the phone that was ringing on and off for the past hour. /Ate... cereal for breakfast, the phone has been ringing for the past hour. Reminder for taking a look at it and see if it needs fixing. Also, it's twelve twenty eight PM. That time again./ She sighed and picked up the phone.
"Sheesh, it's about time you picked up, Justins.." the voice on the other line said in an annoyed tone. Leona blinked. /Who.. who knows my name?/ "Erm.. who is this calling?" she said into the phone. The voice laughed.
"Come on, you know me."
"No, I don't. I'll ask again. Who are you, and why are you calling me?" Leona began to get a little worried.
"There's a client who's asking for your services. That's why I'm calling you."
"...A... client?"
"Who else would ask for you? I mean, come ---"
Leona groaned. "What do I look like to you, a lawyer?" She was about ready to hang up until the other line had replied with a very serious sounding "yes". Leona frowned and stuttered a bit. "I.... ...What? You.. you have the wrong person. I'm not an attorney..."
"You are." /Journal... need... journal. Do I ever mention in here that I'm a lawyer? Am I really... what.../ "Sir, who exactly are you looking for?"
"Leona Justins. I'm looking for Leona Justins, that's what said client asked for."

There was a long and awkward pause until Leona realized what this meant. /...So that's what I was before everything went blank. An attorney. Thing is, why does these two know this...?/ She sighed. "Alright, I'll go over to the detention center soon. ...That is where I'm supposed to go, right?" Another serious "yes". Leona hung up and looked at her journal again, scribbling down a couple more words until leaving.

/Note to self in case you didn't know: I'm a lawyer./

November 1st, 12:56 PM
Detention Center
Visitor's Room

A familiar ring broke the ice of the silence in the room. The guard jumped a little. "...Sorry, sir. I set my ringtone a little loud.. I'll adjust it later." Leona said before answering it. "...Hello?"
"Great, you're here. You came at a bad time, though. Right when your client was taken back into questioning. They'll be done with it in an hour or so, I believe..." Leona gave an annoyed sigh. "What now?"
"Well.. you could always visit the police department and see whoever the hell is talking to you right now on the criminal affairs floor."
"Erm.. so, why haven't you told me your name?"
"Because I feel like it. Now go, little confused lawyer." /I'm not a.... eh, whatever./

November 1st, 1:24 PM
Police Station
Criminal Affairs Dept.

Leona looked around the area a bit. /Lots of people typing away on their keyboards... and, hey. What the hell, some of them don't even see to be doing work, since that lady over there is muttering stuff about.. ugh, I don't even want to know. But I feel like I've seen her somewhere./ She was greeted with a familiar voice that she heard from her phone.
"Hey, took you long enough. What the hell were you doing?"
"...Listening to my inner monologue. Wondering how the hell I'm a lawyer without knowing it. Wondering who you are. Among other things." The man laughed.
"I'm still surprised that you don't recognize me.. or maybe I'm not, considering how dumbfounded you were when you said 'WHAT THE HELL, I'M A LAWYER?'." Leona rolled her eyes. /Um... yeah. I think if I had forgotten completely that I was a lawyer, I would of forgotten who you are./
"I'm gonna take a totally wild guess and say you're a prosecutor I've gone up against before....?"
"Actually, bingo. Mr. Rothorne, that's my name. Don't go about forgetting it like everything else." Leona got out her journal and scribbled down another note. /Random guy is a prosecutor, apparently. Case closed?/
"Um, say. Who's the female detective over there with the computer and the short hair? I feel like I know her." Rothorne blinked, giving a pause.
"..That's Szayzel Etton, I don't see how you would know her. I guess she does have a common haircu--" He was cut off by said female detective.
"HEY! My hair isn't a so-called 'common haircut'! It's totally awesomely rockin' and cool! Don't be dissing it. ...By the way, who's the chick, porcupine?" Leona.. facepalmed, for the lack of a better word. /Someone save me. Everyone's a lunatic in here./
"Oh, this girl over here? Just a confused lawyer with amnesia. Nothing special." Leona sighed, annoyed with the name's she keeps being called by.
"Pffft, aren't we all 'special' here? I mean, I'm known for having split personality disorder.. and now we have a lawyer with amnesia. Fun, fun." Szayzel remarked, sitting back on her chair. "So, whatcha up to? Why is Ms. I-Don't-Know-What-the-Hell-I'm-Doing Here visiting the criminal affairs department?"

"I... apparently have a client. I don't even know said client exists. Just this guy here is saying he knows me and there's one waiting for me." Leona replied. /What the hell is going on here?/

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PostSubject: Re: Leona Justins: Ace Attorney (PG-13, grate fanfickshun -- REWRITTEN)   Mon Jan 05, 2009 3:53 pm

Better than the first one so far. But needs more emoticons in the dialogue. >:(

Also, one thing that grinds my gears about text in general is that whenever, whenever someone speaks or thinks to themselves, break the line. And whenever said dialogue or monologue ends, break the line; except if it's being briefly interrupted for a description of what's going on near the character and then resumes. Why yes, I am a Nazi for grammers. :(

Anyways it's already reminding me a lot of the Ace Attorney games. Can't wait for the next parts. :D


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Leona Justins: Ace Attorney (PG-13, grate fanfickshun -- REWRITTEN)
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