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 Starlight: A christmas Carol (A little soon!)

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PostSubject: Starlight: A christmas Carol (A little soon!)   Wed Nov 26, 2008 7:46 pm

By Yash Webb

“Wee!” I yelled, whizzing down the hill on a sled. We, Dingo, Fernando, Lexi, Zero, and I had decided to take a break for trying to find Hidey, and were going to stay at a small town over Christmas. We had grown tired of questing, we had to over almost all holidays, but this one, we were not going to miss. Dingo even said that Lissa would be coming! The sled slowly came to a stop, after hitting a tree, jarring Dingo and I; who were sharing a sled.

The snow was shimmering as the sunlight hit it. Lexi came down on a wooden sled, pine, I assumed. Her sled tipped forward and flipped, flinging her into a snow drift. “You okay?” Zero called, after his and Fernando’s sled came to a stop, the only one who did not get harmed in some way. “Fine!” She yelled, although it was muffled. I sighed, it was fun, but this is when I wanted to be back in Turano. Lexi hopped up out of the snow, she shivered.

“Cold!?” I exclaimed seeing both her and Dingo shiver. “I’m cold blooded.” Dingo said. “And I…I don’t got no fur!” Lexi said. “Well, lets get a spot in the Inn” Zero said. We walked toward the Inn, ‘Warm Inn, were we welcome all kinds!’ the sign said. We had one of them in Turano, but I never went in. We all entered to a very fancy lobby, red drapes hung over frosted windows. “How much will it cost for….uhh….one, two….five rooms?” I asked. He pointed to a sign that said five gold pieces for a room. “FIVE!? THAT’S OUTRAGEUS!!” I exclaimed. “Lee!” A voice that sounded familiar to me called from behind. I felt a body jump on my body. “Lissa!” I exclaimed.

“I got this.” She said, pulling out a sack of money. “Someone will have to bunk together.” She said. “I’ll bunk with you.” I said quickly, without thinking. “Okay, I was thinking more of Zero with Fernando, but if you want to.” She said. I nodded and we booked the rooms. Lissa greeted everyone with an exuberant hug. “How about some hot-chocolate?” I suggested, after we moved into our rooms. “Sure.” It would only be Lissa and I. That was due to the fact that Dingo and Lexi were out skiing, and Zero and Fernando, who have seemed to been getting along great, were out ice skating.


The snow had wound down, so Zero and Fernando had decided to go ice skating. They had to rent skates, but it was worth it. “Ar—are you sure abo—about this?” Zero asked, having no skating experience. “It’s fine, if you need help just ask.” Fernando said in response. Zero stepped out onto the ice, and fell almost right away. “Here,” Fernando said, putting his paw out. He reached out and took Fernando’s paw. Zero looked deep into his eyes. Deep blue showed back. Fernando pulled Zero up. “Like this,” Fernando said, putting his paws around Zero’s waist. Zero blushed.

-Meanwhile, skiing-

“Yeah!” A young boy yelled out. “Kill him!” Another called. “What the…” Dingo said to Lexi. The two skied over to the growing crowed. On the ground quivered, cold and scared, another young boy, about ten, was being kicked many times. “STOP THIS! NOW!!” Dingo yelled. “Yeah and what if we say no?” One of the boys said, sassing him. Dingo mustered up some power, being part dragon, breathed out, a hot flame melted the umpteen amount of snow on the earth. “Yeah and if I do this?” Another said, taking out a knife and started to run towards Lexi. She murmured something under her breath, and swung an arm out. The boy went flying back into a tree. But hey, Lexi was an elf, that’s what she did. She blew the blond hair in her face.

“That’s what, now scram!” Dingo commanded the scattering crowed. What was left of the crowed dispersed. Dingo bent down to pick up the boy. “He…he’s cold, we need to get him to the ski lodge.” Dingo said, with a tone of panic in his voice. Dingo quickly put him on his back, and began to ski to the lodge.

-Back with Lee and Lissa-

We walked into the ski lodge. The tables and benches were scattered about. We ordered two hot chocolates. “So how have things been?” I asked Lissa. “Well, some things have been odd, more or less. The library has been very odd, people wanting books on climate, but that’s no surprise with the odd climate we have been having.” She said. “And you?” She asked me. “Nothing, we’ve been walking, trying to save Hidey, you know, what we were doing when we came across you.” I said. The ski lodges wood door burst open with a gust of cold air, Dingo and Lexi came rushing in, carrying the boy they had saved. “HELP! SOMEONE GET HELP!” Dingo yelled.

Lissa stepped out of the crowed, growing around the boy. As she had healed Fernando, she would again heal this boy. She did, as his parents rushed in saying ‘Oh god, Oh god, oh god’ among other rants. “He’ll be okay,” Lissa said, “But keep an eye on him, he could have easily died.” She finished. “We will do that…” One of the disgruntled parents said.

-Meanwhile, with Zero and Fernando-

Zero was now skating well, over all, pretty good. His back paws fell out from under him and he hit the ice. “Hey Fernando, you wanna go get some Hot Chocolate?” He asked after getting up. Fernando nodded yes, and they started back. “Come on Fer, just tell him!” Fernando yelled at himself in his mind. “Zero, I want to tell you some—“ Fernando said, before Zero yelled, “Hey look! It’s Lee, Dingo, Lexi, and Lissa!” Zero ran towards us, leaving Fernando standing there. Fernando moved towards us.

“Man, its getting cold.” Lexi said, after a strong, 60 Mile Per Hour wind gust had blown. It started to snow heavily. “QUICK! BACK TO THE INN!” I shouted, and people listened, we began to run towards the Inn. We ran into the inn, just before a huge pile of snow fell off the roof, blocking the door. We were out of breathe, and Lexi fell down. “Hmm, I’m sorry, but they have canceled all events.” A lady said, on a stage of sorts, which was used for entertaining.

“WHAT!? THAT’S THE WHOLE REASON WE CAME HERE!!! TOO SEE BURNING WOLF!” I shouted. “Hey, why not make the best out of a bad situation!” Zero said. “No one else is here, so why don’t you sing, Fernando?” Zero asked. “What? Me? I…I don’t sing.” He said. “I’ve hurd you, your voice is amazing.” Zero said “Well, Okay, but first I wan—“ He said, Before being pulled up on stage.

“Lets get some fire going.” I said. “No, lets not.” Dingo said. “Umm…yeah, we are.” I said against what he wanted. “Umm…No, your not!” He said. “LOOK! YOU HAVE BEEN COMMANDING THE WHOLE EXPIDITON! I WILL LIGHT THE FIRE!!” I said. “WHAT!!!!!!! THAT’S NOT TRUE!!!!!!!” Dingo yelled. I lit the fire. “STAY AWAY FROM ME!” Dingo yelled.

“Umm…this song is…uhh…what I would like to one day…do with a friend.” Fernando said. “Oh the weather outside is frightful But the fire is so delightful And since we've no place to go Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. It doesn't show signs of stopping and I've brought some corn for popping The lights are turned way down low Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. When we finally kiss goodnight How I hate going out in the storm But if you really hold me tight All the way home I'll be warm.” He sang. He sighed and got off the stage.

“Zero, I need to te—“ He said, before Zero ran off, to apparently, get popcorn. Fernando sighed. “Lissa, do you want anything?” I asked. She was amazing, everything she did. “Look, Lee, I don’t want to talk to you or Dingo ‘till you make up!” She said, loudly. “I’m not making up with that…mean.” I said. Lexi walked over and gave Lissa and I a gift. “It’s not Christmas yet, is it?” Lissa asked. “Yes, it is.” That’s when it hit me. “I got to go!” I shouted, running up to my room to get the gifts I had gotten.

I came back down to see people drinking Eggnog, hot chocolate, among other things. I handed everyone there gifts, and opened mine. Socks. I got socks. But that was okay, I needed socks. “Here Fernando.” Zero said, holding out a box. Fernando set it beside him. “Zero I—“ He said, as Zero began to walk away. He grabbed Zero’s back, turned him around, and kissed him. Zero embraced the kiss, and it lasted about five seconds. “I love you.” Fernando said to Zero.

“Hey Lee?” Dingo said. “I’m…sorry.” He said, hugging me. “I’m sorry too,” I said. The door opened, and women said that the events were starting. “Thanks, but I think we’ll just stay here. “Lee,” Lissa said, her lips touching mine. My eyes opened and then sank, closing. She pulled away. “Dingo, I think were the only one’s who are not going to kiss.” Lexi said. “Well do you want to?” Dingo asked. “No!” She said. Truly, we were together, as one family.

“Zero, sing with me.” Fernando said. Zero nodded. “I don't want a lot for Christmas There is just one thing I need I don't care about the presents Underneath the Christmas tree I just want you for my own More than you could ever know Make my wish come true...All I want for Christmas is You... yea yea” The two sang in harmony. Lissa and I danced to the song, and Lexi and Dingo also danced, though not romantically. I guess, when you get right down to it, Christmas is about togetherness, and family. I had a new family, and I did not need Torano.

-end the Christmas special-

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Starlight: A christmas Carol (A little soon!)
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