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 Dogs Injured By Nails, Glass In Raw Meat

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PostSubject: Dogs Injured By Nails, Glass In Raw Meat   Sun Sep 28, 2008 9:37 pm

PITTSBURGH -- Someone fed raw meat mixed with glass and nails to two dogs in a North Side neighborhood.

A woman said she found the meat in her back yard. She had to act quickly to save the dogs.

The animals were rushed to a veterinary hospital for treatment, but the dogs' owner is having a hard time comprehending why someone would do something so cruel to her pets.

On Sunday morning, Deborah Rogers woke up to learn that her dogs, Shadow and Pepper, were not feeling well.

"I took a stick and shoved [the meat] and seen something shiny and I saw there was glass in there and a bunch of little nails in there and my dogs had ate some of it," said Rogers.

Rogers rushed the animals to an emergency clinic where Dr. Kenton Rexford confirmed through X-rays that both dogs did indeed ingest nails and glass.

The doctor said, "We elected as our first step to try to induce vomiting. There is some risk to that because there could be some risk to the esophagus will be damaged as that material comes out."

That course of treatment worked on Pepper, but the Husky, Shadow, will need more time. There are too many glass and nail fragments for her to get rid of at once.

Dr. Rexford told Rogers, "Either this nail will be able to pass, with our help or it won't. If it can't pass, we can still go in surgically and remove it."

For now, it is a wait and see situation.

Rogers further remarked, "This is not right. These animals didn't do anything to anybody. Why you want to kill them?"

Both animals are listed in guarded condition. Only time will tell how well they will recover from their injuries.

Should the dogs need surgery, Rogers said that she will not be able to afford the thousands of dollars required.

Luckily for her, there are nonprofit organizations that can help. The Animal Care and Assistance Fund has offered to help raise the necessary funds in the event that Shadow will need more extensive medical attention.

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PostSubject: Re: Dogs Injured By Nails, Glass In Raw Meat   Mon Sep 29, 2008 4:19 pm

Well, that's just sad. D=


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Dogs Injured By Nails, Glass In Raw Meat
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