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 Pokémon Gold and Silver Adventure!! (Rated PG)

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PostSubject: Pokémon Gold and Silver Adventure!! (Rated PG)   Sat Sep 06, 2008 8:42 pm

As y'all know, I've been a sucker for my "new" Gold and Silver games. So as a tribute to my progress and lack thereof, here's a new series for you. Enjoy. =D

- Chapter 0: A Mysterious Message
- Chapter 1: I Wonder What They're Thinking

// Chapter 0 = A Mysterious Message

"This is TEAM ROCKET!! Yes, we may have been disbanded three years ago, but today we will rise again from the ashes! Like that one bird thing... What was it called...? ...No, it's from Arizona I think. ... ...W-what? I'm not saying that on the radio! ...Oh sorry, misheard you there. A-ahem... the phoenix! Yeah, that's it. We're rising again from the Phoenix! ...W-wait a minute, I lost my place..."

The young boy was oblivious to the ranting blasting from his PokéGear. Not knowing what else to do, his Croconaw turned the volume even higher.

"Great job, guys!" the boy grinned, pinning a Mineral Badge to the inside of his jacket. "You've earned this!"

The Croconaw facepalmed.

Suddenly, the PokéGear rang. The boy finally noticed it, and answered to Professor Elm.

"Hey Professor, what's up?"

"Erm... Armads?"


"Have you noticed anything funny with your radio lately?"

"...No, not a thing."

Croconaw turned to the rest of the team. None of them knew what to say or do.

"All of the channels are acting up and saying something about a Team Rocket..."

"Really? Let me check..." Armads replied as he switched his PokéGear to radio mode.

"This is TEAM ROCKET!! Yes, we may have been disbanded three years ago, but today we will rise again from the ashes! Like the Phoenix! Yeah, I got it this time... heh-heh-heh... Now uh, what next... Oh yeah! GIOVANNI! Do you hear this? We did it! Now come out of hiding, okay? We have cake..."

"Hey, this is a pretty cool song!" Armads rocked his head and shoulders from side to side in rhythm. "Doot-doot-doot, DOOOO-doooo-doot, do-do-doot, DOOOOOOO!"

"Armads!" Professor Elm interrupted.


"I also have something here at the lab for you. And maybe this time you'll actually come, now that you have Fly... I still haven't seen or heard tell of that weird egg I gave you, you know..."

"Oh, no problem, Professor!" Armads turned to his Pidgeotto. "Tsubasa! Let's head home!"

The Pidgeotto sighed, finally lowering her wing from her face. Armads turned his PokéGear back to radio mode, and shuffled onto Tsubasa's back in rhythm with the music.


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Number of posts : 986
Age : 26
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PostSubject: Re: Pokémon Gold and Silver Adventure!! (Rated PG)   Sat Sep 06, 2008 8:43 pm

Already? Yeah, I wrote two chapters at once. =P

// Chapter 1 = I Wonder What They're Thinking

Tsubasa glided down into the center of town, beating up sand on the ground as she landed. Armads leaped off of her back and dusted off his jacket.

"I'm HOOOOME!!" he called into the sky. He stopped and looked around a bit. "...Hey... This looks a lot like Cherrygrove City."

Tsubasa facewinged again. He had ordered her to Fly him to the wrong city.

"TsuBAsa..." Armads turned back to her.

Tsubasa glared at him with an annoyed look.

"...Did Mom call and leave any messages about remodeling or something?"

Tsubasa fell over.

Some time later, Armads finally found his way to New Bark Town. He barged into a building with a wide grin.

"I'm HERE, Professor!"

"Erm, Professor Elm? His lab is next door."

Armads barged into another building.

"I'm HEEEERE, Professor!"

"Uh, this is the same house..."


He went to another building.

"I'm HEEEEEEERE, Professor!"

"Same place, kid..."

This continued for about twenty minutes.


"Don't make me call the cops."

"Armads!" a scientist appeared behind him. "This way."

The scientist dragged him next door and into Professor Elm's laboratory. Elm was on the far end of the building, shuffling through a drawer.

"I found him, Professor," the scientist said. "He was next door..."

"Armads!" Elm called, "Come here! I've got this thing I need to test..."

"Test?" Armads asked. "What is it? Is it a new pokémon? Like, a lightning-fast tree gecko, or an overgrown mud fish? Or ooh! How about a flaming kung-fu chick--"

"Here it is!" Elm exclaimed, pulling a box out of his cluttered drawer. He opened it up, revealing six small devices mounted on collars.

"I call it BabelKarp!" Elm said proudly. "It's a wonderful device that allows all of your pokémon to speak in human language! It has 45,826 languages built right in!"

"Or a giant metal pengui--Ooh! Let me see!"

"Using these devices," Elm continued, "Your pokémon will be able to speak to you. I've made twelve of them; a set of six for you, and a spare set in case this one got stolen. But now that you're here, I guess that won't happen. Maybe I'll leave them outside for the trash man to pick them up..."

"My pokémon will be able to talk to me??" Armads could barely contain himself. "AWESOME!! I wonder what they're thinking..." He pulled a Poké Ball from his belt and opened it, releasing his Croconaw, Deep Blue.

"Hey Blue!" he said, "Put this on!"

"CROCOCROCOCRO--THE HELL IS THA--huh? I sound different..."

Professor Elm laughed maniacally. "It WORKS!" he bellowed, "IT WOOORKS!! Now, with THIS, I can see INTO THE MINDS OF ANY POKÉMON!" The building grew dark and a fire rose up behind Professor Elm as he stood tall and shook his fists. "I CAN COMMAND ANY CREATURE OF MY CHOOSING TO DO MY BIDDING!"





Deep Blue threw a Poké Ball at Professor Elm's head.


"...Your cabinets are on fire." Deep Blue said.

Armads' Growlithe, Fukano, was amusing himself by spitting embers around the laboratory.

"A-ahem..." Professor Elm cleared his throat and turned to Armads. "Armads... about that radio signal. I think it might have something to do with Team Rocket..."

"This one?" Armads, asked, turning on his PokéGear's radio.

"...I have to say it again? *sigh* ...This is TEAM ROCKET... rising again from the ashes..."

"Does he even notice the fire...?" Deep Blue muttered to himself.

"Yes, that one." answered Elm. "I'm suggesting that you and your pokémon investigate the Radio Tower at Goldenrod City. This Team Rocket could be up to no good..."

"But they have a nice song, don't they?"

"Heh-heh, yeah, I, uh, kinda 'dig it' myself..."


"Anyway, you should get going as soon as possible. And make sure all your pokémon are equipped with the BabelKarp device. It could come in handy!"

Armads nodded, and recalled his pokémon as he left the lab. Outside, he released Tsubasa again and jumped onto her back.

"We're off to Goldenrod!" he commanded. Just before taking off, he turned on his radio one more time.

"Do I have to? You think they'd get the message by now... All right, no need to shout... We are TEAM ROCKET, rising again from the asse--OW!!"

"Doot-doot-doot, DOOOO-doooo-doot, do-do-doot, DOOOOOOO!"


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Pokémon Gold and Silver Adventure!! (Rated PG)
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