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 A Tachimachi Legend (Informative-PG)

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PostSubject: A Tachimachi Legend (Informative-PG)   Fri Aug 29, 2008 12:17 pm

They walk among us, though we shall never know if a stranger is Tachimachi or fully human. They keep to themselves, away from true Pokemon, away from true humans, trusting neither, fearing both. Only under the beauty of a Tachimachi moon do they appear.

Part one: what is a Tachimachi?

A Tachimachi is, put simply, a Were-Pokemon. Genetic tests show that they are usually the decedents of Gijinkas, and their existence is classified as a genetic anomaly, in other words, freaks of nature. In ancient times they where more wide-spread, and it is often found in olden writings by pre-historic people, that if a Gijinka marries a full human, and their child marries a full human, that the child will be a Tachimachi.

Tachimachi are born human and most undergo their first transformation when they are about 15, though much younger ages have been recorded. A Tachimachi can be any Pokemon; however, they will only become one Pokemon, and always the same one as the parent’s species. For example, the child of two Purugly Tachimachi will never transform into a Sunkern, but will un-variably be Glameow Tachimachi. Unless of course, one parent is a different species then the other, and then there is a 50/50 chance of the child being either one.

Like normal Pokemon, Tachimachi retain the mysterious trait of evolution, and evolve naturally as they age. Most records show that a majority of Tachimachi have reached the second stage of their evolution by age 25, and if there is a third stage, most will have reached it around age 40.

Tachimachi transformation from human to Pokemon is based on the cycles of the moon. Every other moon, known as a “Tachimachi Moon”, they assume their Pokemon form, and travel the world at night, in packs that very in size from a downwards of four members to an upwards of fifty. Most packs are themed, and have a special emblem to separate them from the rest, as Tachimachi packs are often very prideful, and respect to one’s pack is extremely important.

Each pack has a leader, elected by the rest of the group. They usually the eldest, wisest, and strongest Tachimachi in the pack, and are almost always the founder of it.

As humans, Tachimachi lead as normal lives as they can, however, most cannot go to public school or train Pokemon, because of the burden of moon-cycle mutations. Families tend to be the closed off type, as Tachimachi are shy of real humans.

Part two: Iki-Tachimachi.

An Iki is a Tachimachi who has taken on a higher form, and exists as spirits. There are four known Iki-Tachimachi. Oddly, all of them are bird Pokemon. Each pack is loyal to an Iki-Tachimachi, who are worshipped as gods, and in the case of one pack, treated as a leader.

An Iki occurs in one in 2,000 Tachimachi when they turn 40, hence the scarce numbers. However, one determining factor is the Tachimachi’s status in his or her pack, as all Iki-Tachimachi where former leaders of packs. Not much is known about Iki-Tachimachi, as not much research has been done into how they come to be.

The four known Iki-Tachimachi are all seen by their pack as a creature with supernatural powers, and are often exaggerated through oral myth and legend. Legends tell of passed-over Tachimachi who, in their Pokemon state, come to manifest a particular emotion, such as anger and joy. These are assumed to be based on Iki-Tachimachi, who, in reality, are more fact then fiction, as no evidence has come to light to support these tales.

According to these legends, however, the Staraptor Iki-Tachimachi, Ruinous, embodies fear, the Iki Noctowl, Luna, embodies joy, the Iki Fearow, Soonkoon, embodies anger, and the Pidgeot Iki-Tachimachi, Foorun, embodies sadness.

Iki -Tachimachi are also gifted with wonderful psychic abilities, and this is known as fact, though it too seems to be exaggerated in legends. One example is Ruinous, considered wicked by some packs, using his powers to expose the fears of others, and nourishing himself this way.

Part three: Tachimachi packs.

Four well known Tachimachi packs are listed here in great detail, as the scientist who studied them observed. These packs all thrive in Sinnoh, and all are rivals patrolling a different territory.

1) “Yami clan”

Yami clan is a tiny pack of Tachimachi composed of five members. They patrol a relatively large territory for a group of such size, perhaps as a way of making intruders think they are larger then they are. They are all cat-like Pokemon, and their emblem is that of a cat’s paw on a back drop of a moon.

Yofuke is a Zangoose Tachimachi of a relatively young age for a leader. She was once a member of Terra clan and is best known for the burn mark on her front right foreleg, which she retains as a human, and apparently sustained from a Chimchar during her time as a member of Terra clan. Though young, she is extremely skilled, and not to be trifled with. She has a very calm and relaxed personality, but is a brutal fighter and occasionally shows a nasty temper.

Other members:


Shoya is a Glameow Tachimachi who is often seen as Yofuke’s right-hand Pokemon, and is only a few years younger then her. He is a kind Tachimachi, and often the person who invites new members to join the group. Yofuke has extremely high respect for Shoya, and many Tachimachi believe them to have feelings for each other. One thing to note is that Shoya has a rare move, Assurance, which is very powerful.


Chuuya, a Meowth Tachimachi, is one of the most recent additions to Yami-clan. He is somewhat headstrong, and has shown to be very in-experienced. As such, most rival clans to do not consider him a major threat. Yofuke mainly resorts to using him as a scout, and he is still in training under her. Chuuya is known to only have mutated a couple times, and is still very naive about life as a Tachimachi.


Aoiioa is a Shinx Tachimachi considered a rare gem for the fact that she is only ten, yet already changing during Tachimachi moons.
The rest of the clan tries their best to protect their young comrade, so not much is known about this odd Tachimachi.


Yonaki is also a young Tachimachi, but she has more experience then Chuuya and Aoiioa. She is known to have been transforming for about a year now, and is starting to look like a respectable Skitty Tachimachi. However, Yonaki is not very bright, and has a ditzy, air-headed side. This has gotten her into trouble on more then a few occasions, including one where she was attacked while in human form.

2) “Muku-clan”

Muku-clan is a moderately sized Tachimachi pack consisting of about 50 members. As such, only the five best known will be discussed here. They are currently fighting a war with the other Sinnoh clans, and are known for being a violent group of Tachimachi.
However, not all members of Muku-clan are truly bad, but follow orders given to them by Ruinous, their leader.


Ruinous is famed for being both an Iki-Staraptor Tachimachi and psychically leading clan, something no other Iki does. He is extremely cruel, wicked, and violent, and should be avoided at all costs. He has killed many in the bloody war path he seems to be blazing, including his own son. It is unknown why he is waging such a war, though it may simply be an act of power. Legends tell of him embodying the fears of his enemies and driving them insane.

Other members:


Ustello is a now-dead Staravia Tachimachi who was brutally murder by his father Ruinous for helping the enemy. He was known to be very kind, betraying Muku-clan to help stop the war. Ruinous found him out, and killed his son for turning his back on Muku-clan. Yami-clan witnessed this aerial assault by several members of Muku-clan and became determined to stop the war.


Roffoon, a Starly Tachimachi, is another of Ruinous’s children, and regarded to be he true heir, as he is much different then Ustello. Like Ruinous himself, Roffoon is an extremely vicious Tachimachi with a dangerous and unpredictable nature. He has been known to lie and cheat his way to finishing off Ruinous’s enemies, and helped to kill his brother. Roffoon is also a clever thief that has stolen many valuable objects.


Astagia is a Staravia Tachimachi, and is Ruinous’s only daughter. She is often used as a scout, and sent to spread the word of Muku-clan’s battle. Like most members of Muku-clan, she is war-minded, and has a few kills to her name, including Terra clan’s leader Mumuko. She can be distinguished by the flower ornament on her head.


Charmono is a female Chimchar Tachimachi whose whereabouts are shrouded in mystery. She is known for having defeated many enemies in battle, and broken up three members of Terra-clan as they where pursuing her.


Terra-clan is in opposed to Muku-clan, and battles are constantly fought between the two. Terra-clan has been looking for a new leader since the slaying of their old one, Mumuko, a Torterra Tachimachi, by Astagia. They are an absolutely enormous pack, numbering around a 100 members.


None currently. As previously stated, their old leader died during a battle, and they have yet to find a new one.

Other members:


Twoko is a Sandslash Tachimachi who is also an Obyri, or vampire-Pokemon. He is considered extremely powerful and is well known for his strong slash attack. Twoko is also the father of Yofuke. He very stand-offish, and has a wild temper, but is a very good soul when it comes down to it. However, he is elderly, and so is not considered to have what it takes to lead Terra-clan.


Rinhime is Yofuke’s mother and of course a Zangoose Tachimachi. Like Twoko, she is elderly, and therefore is not as sharp as a fighter as she once was. She is however, a gifted healer, which has been her major contribution to Terra-clan’s fight in the war.


Zannbone is another Zangoose Tachimachi and also Yofuke’s brother. However, Zannbone is often looked down upon because he was once caught offering assistance to Muku-clan, and has been partially shunned by the rest of Terra-clan. He is known to have attacked and beaten several other members of Muku-clan after flying into wild, seemingly random, fits of terrible rage.

Aqua clan:

Not much is known about this mysterious clan of water-type Tachimachi who arrived from the east sea. However, they are extraordinarily kind and wise, and are a very good group of Tachimachi. They are also huge, with about 400 known members. They seem to be devising some sort of plan to stop the war, though they have yet to alert Terra or Yami-clan. This is all that is known about Aqua-clan.

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PostSubject: Re: A Tachimachi Legend (Informative-PG)   Fri Aug 29, 2008 6:39 pm

This is a very descriptive fanfic, though I did notice some minor grammar mistakes.

Ustello is a now-dead Staravia Tachimachi who was brutally murdered by his father Ruinous for helping the enemy.

He is somewhat headstrong, and has shown to be very in-experienced.**

**The hyphen should be removed. Not too sure about this one, but yeah.

Excellent work.


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PostSubject: Re: A Tachimachi Legend (Informative-PG)   Sat Aug 30, 2008 6:13 pm

This is great, and I need to finish up my Obyri page...

Anyway, good luck writing this.


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PostSubject: Re: A Tachimachi Legend (Informative-PG)   

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A Tachimachi Legend (Informative-PG)
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