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 Reborn. (Pokemon/Blue Dragon crossover. PG)

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PostSubject: Reborn. (Pokemon/Blue Dragon crossover. PG)   Tue Aug 12, 2008 5:34 pm


A young Chimchar rested his head on his paws. He was sitting in a Pokeball, on a steel desk, with two others, a Turtwig and a Piplup. He stood up and sighed. “Two months and I still don’t understand this.”

Suddenly, he felt a whoosh of light and cold air hit him. He looked around, wondering why he had been released. He saw the other two standing beside him, looking equally dazed. He could never get used to Pokeballs, or the sensation of being called forth from one.

He sighed again. “What is it this time”? He wondered.

An older human was standing in front of them, glowering. He muttered something under his breathe. “These Pokemon better behave this time.”

The Chimchar and Turtwig shared some snickers between each other, but the Piplup glared at them as if she was insulted by their childishness.

The man set to work bailing out food dishes. Meanwhile, in a town a short while away, a young boy hopped on his bicycle, his glowing red eyes danced with eager anticipation. He was wearing a blue paper boy hat over his curly, but short jet black hair. An aqua colored scarf was thrown around his neck. He had a navy vest with a black undershirt and matching sweats.

“Richardo Aoiiro…Pokemon trainer extraordinaire!” He smiled excitedly. Richardo was carefully thinking over what his starter Pokemon would be.

“Maybe Turtwig. It’s really good at defending. Its shell is really hard, so physical attacks bounce right off. But Turtwig doesn’t get too many strong attacks, and it’s really slow. Eh, I’ll think about it.”

Then there’s Chimchar…Chimchar is really good at attacking, and is very fast. It gets awesome moves like Mach Punch and Flame Wheel early on. But Chimchar can’t take many hits before it goes down. ”


“Last of all is Piplup. What a jack of all trades but a master of none. Piplup can attack AND defend, but it isn’t super amazing at either thing. Still, it’s a good, loyal Pokemon, I hear.”

“Gee, they all sound great. But I suppose I can cross that bridge when I come to it.”

He sighed. Each starter had a weakness and strength, he noticed. Richardo couldn’t understand what the point of this was. But he had always made it a point not to dwell on things he didn’t understand.

At the same time, back at the lab, the starter Pokemon where still at the table, though the man had gone out to the garden. The lighting was dim, and Chimchar had dozed off.

The Turtwig poked his shoulder. “Psst…maru.” he whispered. The Chimchar flinched a little. “Mommy…”

The Turtwig poked his shoulder again. “Psst…maru!”



The Chimchar lunged up. “Tell me what it is you want and shut up!”, he snapped.

The Turtwig wore a shocked expression. “Never mind, maru!”

Chimchar sighed. He’d been living with this for the last couple months. He was glad when he heard that he’d finally be out of the lab, even if he didn’t know what that entailed. He wasn’t exactly a normal Chimchar, as the Turtwig and Piplup weren’t exactly a normal Turtwig and Piplup.

Richardo parked his bike next to the lab. At the front door a young teen, at least three years older then Richardo, was peering into the door. He had light blue hair that sweeped over his shoulders and a dark, brown leather jacket. Richardo recognized him as an old friend, Bryant.

“He should have been on his journey by now. Odd…”

Bryant was pulling on the door knob as Richardo walked up to him. Richardo rolled his eyes. “It’s locked. No use in trying to open it. The lab’s probably closed.”

Bryant ignored him. He put a foot on the door and pulled harder. When that didn’t work, he kicked the door and turned away, furious.

Richardo sighed and smiled. “Just like him”

“Hey.” Richardo said again. “It’s no use. Let’s come back later.”

Bryant nodded reluctantly, decided that Richardo was right. “Well,” he said, “we have time to kill. Let’s go down to the Pokemon Center and get registered.”

“Good point”, agreed Richardo.

Chimchar was still trying to sleep in the lab. Turtwig hadn’t bothered him since. Piplup was being her normal, prim self. Chimchar watched her look for various things in the lab in which to dress up in. She had managed to stumble across a tiara at some point several weeks ago, and had been wearing it ever since.

“Hey, Bouquet. Are you ever gonna take that tiara off? I’m sure the owner is looking for it.”

“No!”, she giggled. “Com’on Shu, don’t you think it’s cute?!” The Penguin Pokemon twirled and posed.

Shu sighed. “I guess.” Given the chance he would have lied again.

Suddenly a loud bang erupted from the east wall of the building. The three Pokemon watched a blue creature take shape. It looked like an up-right lizard being with a blue body and a red stomach. A spike jutted out from its back. The spike had a deep notch. On its head where two oval shaped structures that may have served as its ears.

The Gabite looked around the room on piercing yellow eyes. Suddenly, it lunged right at Shu. He didn’t have any time to react, and no clue what to do. Shu stood there, frightened and wide-eyed.

Rabid Kenta fangirl since seeing LOT the first time. Just don't call him Jimmy! >=O

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Number of posts : 1590
Age : 22
Location : With Kenta, Jun'ichi, and Marina-chan.
Custom Usertitle : Lol I phail.
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68 / 10068 / 100

Registration date : 2008-03-14

PostSubject: Re: Reborn. (Pokemon/Blue Dragon crossover. PG)   Fri Aug 15, 2008 5:31 pm

Chapter Two.

Suddenly, and without warning, Shu caused the room to erupt with fire. His Pokemon instincts taking over, he jumped out through the hole in the wall. The Gabite quickly pursued him, followed by MaruMaru and Bouquet.

Shu’s heart was pounding wildly as he fled from the attacking Gabite. His Pokemon mind was dominating the human one. It was a seizure of instincts.

He turned around at one point and saw the Gabite gaining on him. Suddenly he saw a tree ahead and sprung upward.
He was safe in the three. The Gabite couldn’t hurt him from here. He began to regain self control. He looked down at the Gabite. It was jumping up and down, pounding furiously at the tree with its knuckle claws, but it could do nothing.

Shu relaxed. What had that been about? He sat where he was perched, watching and somewhat enjoying the Gabite’s ongoing frustration.

Suddenly, there was a loud whacking sound from the tree trunk. Shu looked down again. His heart sank at what he saw. The Gabite was using its arm blades to hack into the tree, leaving a huge dent that got bigger with every blow. Any longer and the tree would fall.

Back in the lab, the older man found the lack of Pokemon and the dent in the wall and sighed. “Not again…”
He picked up three Pokeballs and went to find the starters, sighing and complaining and cursing the whole way.

Richardo smiled as the nurse handed him his trainer card.

“Do you have your starter Pokemon yet?”, asked the nurse.

“No”, said Richardo, signing his name on the back of the card. “When we came by the lab was closed. Do you know why?”

The nurse just giggled at him. “Don’t you know?”

“Don’t I know what?”, said Bryant and Richardo simultaneously.

“Oh, so you don’t. Professor Rowan always keeps his laboratory door locked. You have to ask for permission to get in. He’s probably out in his garden studying the wild Pokemon.”

Both boys blinked at the nurse stupidly and where gone before she could say another word. “I guess they’ll have to find out about the wild Pokemon themselves.”, she said, watching them run back down the road.

Richardo and Bryant raced back to the lab hysterically. “And to think I left my bike just sitting there!”, complained Richardo.

At this point, Shu could feel the tree start to shift. He wasn’t sure if he could hold on much longer. The Gabite didn’t show any signs of tiring either.

“What’s going on, Maru?!”

Shu looked up just in time to see his lab-mates running after him and being returned to their Pokeballs in a flash of red light. Rowan’s expression turned morbid and panicked when he looked up and saw the Chimchar hanging on the limb of a falling tree.

The boys reached the hill over looking the garden. As they where going down the hill, Richardo tripped and began falling brutally down. As he was tumbling, he felt an unnatural twist in one leg.

By this time, Bryant, not noticing his friend’s fall, ran up to the professor, still in shock from seeing Chimchar being attacked by Gabite. Bryant saw this and turned to the elderly man with a completely different reaction.

“We need a Pokemon!” he yelled, grabbing Rowan by the collar, effectively shaking him out of his state of shock.

“Right, right” he responded, handing one of the Pokeballs to Bryant.

“What is this?”, asked Bryant.

“I don’t have any idea!”, yelled Rowan, still panicked. “Just use it!”

“Good point!”

Bryant tossed out the Pokeball and a Turtwig took shape. MaruMaru looked around in hazy confusion.

“Wow!” Bryant cheered. “What an awesome guy! He looks strong and cute! He’s so cool and-”

Rowan glowered at Bryant.

“Erm, I mean, Turtwig, use…whatever attack you have that’s really strong!” The little turtle Pokemon formed a green ball of Energy between his two leaves. The attack shot at Gabite, disorienting it.

Richardo opened his eyes. He stood up and shook his head miserably. Suddenly he noticed the unfolding drama a few yards away. Before he could make any sudden movements, he felt a snapping pain in his right leg and almost fell down again. He kneeled down and grabbed his leg.

“I hope this is just a really bad sprain…” he muttered.

“I have to do something about that Chimchar in the tree. Turtwig’s Energy Ball’s won’t hold it off forever.” This was all he could think about. “But how?”

Richardo saw someone run out in front of him. It was a girl with a red sock-cap. Richardo didn’t have time to note any other features.

“Gabite!” She yelled “What are you up too attacking other Pokemon like that?”

“Jullia!” Richardo overheard Rowan yell. Jullia ran up to
him and grabbed the remaining Pokeball. “Go, Pokeball!”

Bouquet was sleeping when Jullia sent her out. She sighed. “Lazy Pokemon.”

Bouquet snorted and shook her head. Jullia look relieved. “Okay, now use Bubble!”

“Bubble? But isn’t that a really weak attack?”, said Bryant.

“That’s true”, answered Rowan, “But you’ve done enough damage that it’s okay to use. Gabite is weak enough”

“I knew that.”, said Bryant, ashamed.

Gabite fell over with x’s in its eyes. Bryant and Richardo both took on shocked expressions when Jullia returned the Gabite to a Pokeball.

There where a few brief seconds of calm before everyone remembered the Chimchar in the tree, which was still falling without Gabite there.

To the surprise of everyone, Richardo stood up and ran over to the tree just as it hit the ground, catching Shu before he could himself.

Shu, still somewhat frightened, struggled when Richardo caught him. “Hey buddy, it’s gonna be okay.”

Shu stopped struggling. There was something in Richardo’s voice, in his words, that made all the difference. Little did anyone know that this would have a huge impact much latter.

Rabid Kenta fangirl since seeing LOT the first time. Just don't call him Jimmy! >=O

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Reborn. (Pokemon/Blue Dragon crossover. PG)
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