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 All Pokemon Go to Heaven (PG-one shot)

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PostSubject: All Pokemon Go to Heaven (PG-one shot)   Tue Aug 05, 2008 11:53 am

All Pokemon Go To Heaven

A young trainer paced outside of the nurse’s office. His palms where sweaty and he looked tired.

My fault. All my fault. I pushed it too hard. No, I did what I needed to do. I’m a trainer. I can do what I want with my Pokemon. No, no, no, it’s my fault.

His thoughts where racing. His starter Pokemon, a Torterra, was in there. He had been training it and had gone over the top. Now, it was near death.

Stupid, stupid! Training such a large Pokemon in this heat without water or shade! Stupid, stupid, stupid!

He was engaged in a mental war with himself, trying to decide if he’d done the right thing by pushing Torterra so hard, or if what he had done was wrong. The world had always looked upon him with the view that he was a cruel, horrible, cold-hearted monster. In many ways, this was true. But, what they didn’t understand is that the trainer did love one other living thing. His Torterra. His best friend. And connected with him in more ways then anybody would ever be allowed to know.

They shared a deep, powerful bond that the trainer never had with his other Pokemon. Finally, exaughested from walk back and forth, he sat down on a chair and waited. However, his mind kept racing.

I’m a monster. No, I’m a good trainer. I make my Pokemon work hard to get strong. No, I’m a wicked, unkind, angry person. But not to Torterra. Not normally anyway. But…I just wanted to get stronger. For dad and Reggie and everybody. I just wanted…to make people like me. I wanted to be great. But I can’t be great without Torterra. Yes I can. No I can’t. Yes I can. No I can’t.

A sweet, light voice called his name. “Paul?”

Paul looked up. The nurse was standing there. She was smiling, but underneath that beaming expression, Paul saw a glint of solemn resolve. In an instant he knew not all was well.

“We’ve tried to bring it back, but we’re so…sorry. There isn’t much we can do. We’re losing it.”

Paul felt a strange emotion. His heart sank. “Please let me see it one last time!”

“I’m sorry”. said the nurse, “but I can’t allow you too-”

Paul didn’t listen. He pushed pass the nurse and ran into the room. He threw his arms around his friend and started sobbing miserably. It was clear now. Yes, what he did was wrong. Yes, he was guilty. Yes, he was a monster. But, yes, he could ask Torterra to forgive him. Beg it to live. Beg it not to hate him.

Suddenly, Paul made out a clear, deep, female voice from the sounds of his own sobbing. He stopped crying and tried to listen in.

“Paul, master, what is your concern? I’m fine”

Paul didn’t have time to register the oddity of a Pokemon talking to him. “Torterra…look, please forgive me…and I’m not your master. I’m the master of all of the others. But you…I’m more. I’m your partner. And you won’t be fine…you’re dying! And it’s all my fault!”

“Ah, but I will be fine. My friend, please move on with your life. And don’t worry. All Pokemon go to heaven.”

“All Pokemon…go to heaven?”

“That’s right. And all of the other Pokemon that have lost their lives thanks to you over the years, master. Eevee, Riolu, Staravia, Ninjask, Gravaler. They all went to a better place. And I will too.”

“What will I do without you? You’re my…best friend Torterra. My only friend.”

“Ah, that is very good child. My best friend…I can rest in peace, in the thought that I had a friend in you, Paul.”

“No! No! Don’t die!”

But it was too late. Torterra didn’t answer back. On her face was something of a smile. Or, about as close as a Pokemon such as Torterra can get to a smile. She radiated a warm glow.

“I’m very sorry.”, said the nurse.

Paul was silent, looking at his beloved companion. After a few minutes, he stood up and looked at the nurse.

“It’s fine. Everything is going to be okay. I may have lost Torterra, and I may have lost the Pokemon league because of Ash-” Paul paused and corrected himself, “I mean, because of my own foolishness, but its okay. I’m going to get stronger. And I hope, maybe someday I can get over this fear of Pokemon…then my Pokemon will love me. And I’ll love them. Just like Torterra loved me. And I loved her. Maybe someday I can be friends with all my Pokemon.”

He wiped his eyes and walked out of a building. He had spent all night watching over Torterra. It was a glorious morning. Honey-gold skies and fluffy. new clouds surrounded a rising sun.

He whispered those words again.

“All Pokemon go to heaven.”

He walked off into the bright morning sun, born anew, and ready to move on with his adventure, and his life.

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PostSubject: Re: All Pokemon Go to Heaven (PG-one shot)   Tue Aug 05, 2008 3:58 pm

Oh, wow.

That's a great one shot.

I really enjoyed the spiritual connection between the two.



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All Pokemon Go to Heaven (PG-one shot)
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