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 The Banner Boutique ((WE HAVE PHOTOSHOP NOW! =D))

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PostSubject: The Banner Boutique ((WE HAVE PHOTOSHOP NOW! =D))   Fri Aug 01, 2008 5:55 pm

Welcome to The Banner Boutique, where if you want simple banners, this is where to get them!

Our banners, as said before, are really simple, but really good!

They cost 10 points, which is a pretty good deal.

To order, you must put:

What images you want
What colors you want
The text you want

Banner Boutique Bargain Bin

If you would love a banner, but don't want to wait, or you don't have many points, then come to the Bargain Bin and pick your choice. All banners coming at 10 to 50 off.

Glaceon (9 points)

Poliwrath: the Tadpole Pokémon (7 points)

More will come soon.

As for now, thank you for visiting this shop. ^_^


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The Banner Boutique ((WE HAVE PHOTOSHOP NOW! =D))
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