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 Eeveelutions. (One-shot)

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PostSubject: Eeveelutions. (One-shot)   Sat Jul 26, 2008 4:27 pm

(This was too big for the thread and deserves it's own, sorry. ^_^)


This story has been translated from its original copy, which was in foot-print runes. It describes Eeveelution culture in more detail then we ever could have guessed, and holds promise that other Pokemon may have just as developed cultures. What an exciting discovery that would be! To think that this could be the first step on a road that could reveal so much previously unknown Pokemon intellect!

The carvings from which the story and Zodiac guide has been copied from was found at the ruins of what once must have been a great civilization in an ancient past, in the foot hills of Mt. Coronet, Sinnoh. Elements of the Sinnoh creation story suggest early contact with human kind. Science puts the date of the carvings to nearly 65 million years ago, some of the earliest records of human and Pokemon interaction beyond hunting and fights for survival.

I and my colleges have translated and published this tale and testament to Eeveelution culture, and Pokemon intelligence. We hope that we can inspire others to learn about Pokemon and their many mysteries! Please, enjoy this wonderful tale spun from the heart of a Pokemon, and my favorite, no less!

-Benjamin Korekuta, the editor
and chief: program director in the study of Eeveelution

For all you Eeveelutions who follow Kodomo's teachings, this is the guide for a good life, an example for all Eeveekind, and made so the legends within can be passed on through the generations. This is your story, your tale. Written in hope that one day we Eeveelutions shall rise up and be recognized, that we are and shall be seen the most superior of Pokemon!


In the beginning, there was nothing but chaos. In the centre of this chaos, where all things became one, came forth an egg. This egg was beautiful, shimmering in all colors of the rainbow. The light that came from this egg was so moving and wonderful, that it drove away the chaos.

This miraculous light continued to grow brighter, and brighter still. When the light faded, it revealed its gift, a living being. The being addressed himself as Kodomo, an awesomely powerful being. Like the egg, his fur was bright, and rainbow colored. He had mighty wings and a crystalline horn. He whispered to the darkness: "Be gone. This is no longer your domain."

Editor’s note: This part of the story most strongly resembles the Sinnoh creation myth, suggesting the writer may have been motivated by early human influence.

With a mighty whoosh, the darkness was banished from Kodomo's sight. Satisfied with this, he proceeded to shape, from the light that he had created, four other beings.

The first Mizuu, was gifted with shiny blue scales, and the ability to draw forth water. She was calm, quiet, and kindly.

The second, Ikazuchi, was yellow and spiky, with the ability to cause thunder to crash with incredible might. He was energetic, loud, and brash.

The third, Hinote, was a red, furry creature who commanded painful fire to all who opposed him. Hinote was impulsive, mechanical, and sometimes even horribly cruel.

The last, was a small, fluffy brown creature. It did not posses any powers, and its siblings looked down on it with annoyance. Kodomo, however, adored this creature. Though, he too recognized its in-ability.

He gave his first three children the command to use their powers to fill this new world.

However, there was a problem. Because matter did not exist, the three could not use these powers, as there was no room.

Kodomo saw this, and with a mighty stomp of his hoof, time began to flow, and space began to expand. Now the three children could make the world their own.

First, Hinote created much fire, which raged for three days on end. When the fire cleared, it had hardened into earth, sweet, fertile, soft, earth.

However, Mizuu was in objection to this. The sun was blaring hot, and her scales quickly dried out in the heat. She complained to Hinote. "Also allow there to be water."

Hinote was reluctant, but in the end, he allowed Mizuu to create large masses of water to be her home.

Ikazuchi was upset by the large roles that his siblings played, and begged Kodomo for a purpose in making the earth. Kodomo granted him his wish, and from the rain clouds Mizuu had made, he took his share, and turned these into clouds that rumbled with thunder, rather then pouring with water.

All was peaceful in this new world with its five inhabitants. For a while. Very soon though, the three siblings had a complaint to loge.

The pleaded with Kodomo, "The sunlight never ceases. Please, give a time of day where the sunlight is cast from our view, as we can not sleep with it blaring in our eyes.”

Kodomo nodded. You see, when Kodomo had banished the darkness, some of it had stayed. It dwelled with him, and until this day he had no need for it. Now, however, Kodomo again turned to this darkness. With his power he shaped it into the form of another being.

Her name was Hisakata. She was covered in sleek, black fur that glowed with golden, yellow rings. Her eyes where this same, intense color. Her first purpose, as commanded by Komodo, was to create a time for living things to rest. Hisakata, however, was greedy. She soon, and without Komodo’s permission, banished the world into nighttime forever.

Or so it seemed. Kodomo was shocked and in a terrible rage. Hiskata’s punishment was that nighttime would never be completely dark again. Kodomo hung stars in the night sky, and a moon. Hisakata was forced to polish them as part of her punishment also.

Then, to keep her in check, Kodomo created yet another being. This one was shaped from the light of the sun. He was covered in light, elegant purple fur, and a red jewel adorned his head. His tail was forked at the very end. This being was named Taiyou, and he opposed Hisakata’s power.

Seeing this, Kodomo was satisfied once more. However, his children did not appear to be satisfied. All in the world was bear and empty. The land and sea stretched on for miles, but were empty. They, put simply, where bored.

Kodomo used his powers one last time. He created two more, final beings. The first was Koori, a light blue creature who fed off Mizuu’s power and made it her own. The second was Ha, an off-white being who carried greenery, and plant life to the word on his back. He fed off of Hinote’s power.

After this, Kodomo took to a deep sleep, weary after using so much energy to create this world. Before he left, he place the small brown creature, which he adored so much, on the earth. To this creature, he finally gave a name. “Your name is Eon. And though your power is not of your siblings, your heart is the purest, for it bears no reason for evil. No power-like fire, nor greed-like darkness, control-like thunder, reverence-like water, space-like light, loneliness-like ice, and hunger-like living things. Therefore, my son, you shall rule the others after I am gone.”

Eon came to the others with Kodomo’s words. They, however, where furious that Kodomo had put what they considered to be their least sibling in charge of them all. Hinote was most angry. In his rage he sparked a fire that lasted for even longer then the one that had made the earth. It was so intense, that it evaporated Mizuu’s seas and burned Ha’s plants. It melted the ice Koori had made, and it burned so hot that it felt like day, even during the nighttime. Even Ikazuchi’s thunder had no effect on the fire, and made it worse instead.

However, the siblings did not care. They where too angry. The rode Hinote’s fire to the place high in the sky, where Kodomo lived. He attempted to reason with him, but it was no use. And, weak from making them, he could not fight back as they began to rend his wings and tear his fur.

While this gruesome fight was taking place in the sky, Eon had been left to the fire on the ground. Though he was badly burned, and charred from the blaze, he was still alive. With his big ears-and big heart-he could hear the fight going on above him. Using all the power within him, he rose from the blaze on rainbow wings that seemed more those of Komodo then his own. With a great burst of pure light, he returned the world to the way it had been before the deadly blaze. The plants where restored to normal, the sea filled again, the ice froze over, thunder had its way, and night could be seen again.

And Kodomo was healed, and he returned to his peaceful rest. What did change, however, was that the siblings, as punishment, were stripped of most of their power, left almost as weak as Kodomo himself was left. Eon proceeded to rename them. They where now Flareon (Hinote), Jolteon (Ikazuchi), Vaporeon (Mizuu), Umbreon (Hisakata), Espeon (Taiyou), Glaceon (Koori), and Leafeon (Ha.)

Because he had caused the blaze, Hinote was made the weakest of his siblings, for he had shown to be the weakest of heart.

Eon told the siblings to go out into the world and make due without their powers. He then filled the world with more creatures, the lesser Pokemon, and later, human-kind. However, those tales are for another day, and another story. For what came after does not belong to us, but to all Pokemon, as well as man. What can be said, however, is that this would be a time of great prosperity for all living things.


In accordance to Kodomo and Eon’s word, we must carefully choose from our children which path that life will send them on. The following chart shall be your guide to your children’s futures. Reading this will make destiny clear for all of them. And it is Kodomo's hope that his children can live in peace! Follow these words, and your life, and your children’s, will be good.

Children of Mizuu:

Most Children of Mizuu are born under the cooling September moon, and are more often then not the first born to the family.
They are kind but self-centered, and with a hidden aloofness. They are also often quiet, level-headed, and intelligent. A Vaporeon worthy Eevee must be introduced to the water-in which they will someday make their home-early on, or problems can occur later in life.

Symbol: The Crescent moon, with a wave pattern splashing over it.
Gem: A blue Sapphire.
Most common seasons of birth: Fall-Winter
Most common birth order: First born child.
Popular names: Aquoonis (♂), Mizuu (Unisex), Unabara (♀), Asamoya. (Unisex)

Children of Ikazuchi:

Usually born in mid spring to early summer, Jolteon destined Eevee are normally second born to their families. Known for being reckless but well-meaning, they are often associated with high-spirits and thunderstorms. They tend to be brash and impulsive, but are also brave and big-hearted. You must allow them to play often in thunderstorms, as the more they are struck by lightning, the more likely that they are children of Ikazuchi.

Symbol: The rain cloud.
Gem: Topaz
Most common seasons are birth: Spring-Summer.
Most common birth order: Second born.
Popular names: Strike (Unisex), Leo (♂), Pansy (♀), Ikazuchi. (♂)

Children of Hinote:

Flareon-destined Eevee often arrive in mid Summer, particularly in hot years. Like the children of Ikazuchi, they are known for being brash and impulsive. However, they are also hot-headed, easily enraged, and energetic. Take careful note of an Eevee with unusually long fur, and other exaggerated traits along with the ones listed above. It is customary for parents of a Flareon destined Eevee to take it to a volcano or other hot area and have it “Baptized” with fire by burning a scar on the forehead.

Symbol: A red flame.
Gem: Ruby
Most common season of birth: Summer.
Most common birth order: Third born.
Popular names: Blaze (♂), Lithe (♂), Singe (♀), Flicker (Unisex)

Editors note: it is thought that although the names of the first seven siblings are often popular for children, Hinote is dis-regarded for use as a name because it symbolizes the fire the nearly destroyed the world.

Children of Hisakata:

Hisakata’s children often come into the world with a greed streak. However, they are also witty, calm, and mature. They are most often born during late Winter to early spring. Even tempered but with a stubborn and irritable side, these children are often the first to leave their parents. They are often the fourth born in families. They tend to have trouble sleeping, and seem to become transfixed by the moon. They are also sensitive to light and noise.

Symbol: The full moon.
Gem: Pearl
Most common season of birth: Winter-spring.
Most common birth order: Fourth born.
Popular names: Kogasu/Kage for short (♂), Moon Song (♀), Hisakata (Usually female, but can also be male), Yuban (♂)

Children of Taiyou:

Children of Taiyou seem to come frequently in the same year as children of Hisakata. They are quiet, smart, and shy, as well as being easily affected by their environment. Born most commonly in mid-late Summer. The sleep well for their parents, and have the most energy during the day time, seemingly solar-powered. They, opposite from Umbreon-bound Eevee, seem to be among the last to leave home, being very close to their parents and siblings, and any others that they might have grown up with.

Symbol: A blazing sun
Gem: Diamond
Most common season of birth: Summer
Most common birth order: Fourth or Fifth.
Popular names: Sun Dancer (♂), Sunny (♂), Taiyou (Unisex), Aura (♀)

Children of Koori:

Full of nervous jitters by trend, they are often paranoid, worried messing up, and always looking at the next step. They scare easily, and have a habit of fearing heights. This can sometimes hide what is truly a kind, warm, disposition that welcomes any possible new friends with open arms. Children of Koori are quite often born during mid-Winter, and there nervious personality is said to come from this. Beyond the mousy exterior, they are truly good souls.

Symbol: Snowflake
Gem: Crystal
Most common season of birth: Winter
Most common birth order: sitxth.
Popular names: Koori (Unisex), Crystal (♀), Flake (♂), Snowears (♂)

Children of Ha:

Reserved at it’s greatest extreame, they are very good at keeping their feelings to themselves, and are very much loners. Quiet, sometimes lazy; and very bright. They don’t often bond tightly with others, and most live a nomadic lifestyle. Conversastion and developing relationships with anybody seems to scare them, but because they are benevolet souls, they are more likely to flee then stick around and fight. Usaully born in mid spring.

Symbol: Maple Leaf
Gem: Emerald
Most common season of birth: Spring
Most common order of birth: last born.
Popular names: Ha (Unisex), Shinrin (♀), Bushes (♂), Lati (Unisex.)

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Eeveelutions. (One-shot)
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