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 Garden of Memories (G - One Shot)

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PostSubject: Garden of Memories (G - One Shot)   Wed Jul 23, 2008 3:56 pm

You know, I keep getting memories of the times back in Skylann. It was a nice little city- great restaurants and bakeries, shops with the most neat things for sale, and the gardens scattered around the city. Skylann's a city based around the Petz community (I loved all of the things about Skylann except for the people.) and so, I left this nice city. It's a shame, I would have loved to stay.. but the people drove me insane. In fact, the last thing I left in the city was a bit of graffiti-- ..Sounds strange, I know, I would have painted a quick doodle on the walls if I could, but I was in a bit of a hurry.

One thing I remember most vividly not having to do with the community, was a garden. It was an abandoned garden, but all of the plants in it were in pretty good condition. There were lots of flowers, fruits, vegatables, trees growing everywhere... the shade underneath one of the bigger trees was really nice in the summer, too. It must of been an old park, I thought, because there was a couple benches and a picnic table scattered around the garden, along with a swingset. The benches and table were pretty much covered in dirt and mud, and were wet too because it rains here in Skylann frequently. You would think that if the plants were in such good condition, that someone would be taking care of them, and that said person would bother to clean off the table and benches. Then again, plants don't exactly need people to survive, right?

After discovering this rather beautiful garden, I decided to come back there every day. I never really bothered with watering the plants- like I said, it rains in Skylann frequently, so what's the point. I did clean off the tables and benches, though. Sometimes I would bring my cats over to play in the garden- since, you know, Skylann's based around the Petz community. They loved playing in the garden. Sometimes if the plants looked nice enough - and provided that my bag wasn't to the brim with junk in it - I would bring my sketchbook or some watercolor canvases and draw the garden.

... I think I'll miss this garden. There were a lot of nice memories with it - barely anyone else knew about it, so it was like my own private retreat from the racket of people that would be at the place I worked at. Maybe I'll raise a new garden just like this one nearby the Pixel Café.. I think I will. It'll take a while, but it'll certainly be worth it, bringing back the good memories of Skylann and leaving back the old ones.


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PostSubject: Re: Garden of Memories (G - One Shot)   Wed Jul 23, 2008 4:02 pm

Ooh, this is nice. Reminds me of ...um... a place.

You have an interesting style here. It goes well with the Photoshop art you do. ^_^


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Garden of Memories (G - One Shot)
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