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 Fernando's tale ((R rated))

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PostSubject: Fernando's tale ((R rated))   Sat Jun 07, 2008 2:04 pm


It was hot, extremely hot; there I, Fernando the Arcanine, lie, on cool ground. "I know it's hard," A voice said. It was Miuu the Typhlosinon "when you lose you're true love." she finished. It was amazing how quickly things can turn. One day Shara the Ninetales was there, the next she was dead, killed by a human.

"Miuu...I miss her so badly." I said as I began to cry. The tears were caught on my fur. "Sh...she was...m...my b...be..."I said before I utterly broke down crying. "M...my be...best friend." I finished.

I was sobbing now, unable to control my crying, the tears pored out like a leaky fosset, I could not stop.

Miuu hugged me. "Don't cry Fernando, sh...she is in a be...better pl...place now." Miuu said, she started to cry as well, there we were, both crying with no way to stop. The pain of losing someone you love, the feeling of utter disbelief. I felt like she was on a vacation, and would be back very soon, but alas in my aching heart, I knew that could not happen.

My stomic felt sick as I cried with Miuu, tears running down both of our faces. My heart felt as if it was ripped from my chest; Shara would never be back, she was gone, dead, with this utter realisation, I began to wail, I could not see past my tears, after all of you're life, it's hard to let someone go. I was sure Miuu would feel horrable.

After crying for more than 1 hour, I stopped, as my tears slowly drifted away, so did I, my eye lids became heavy, I closed my eyes, and drifted off to sleep.

My eyes popped open, Miuu's head was on my chest as she lay still asleep. I remembered the days earlier events, I had cried my self to sleep, and when I was sleeping. Miuu must have done the same thing. I looked down, I was almost fully erect, I felt ill; as if I was going to vomit, but I held it in.

My thoughts over came me, apparently I had slept thrugh the night, it was dawn, so I got up, being carefully not to wake Miuu up. I had a sexual urge, I found a log with a hole in it. I moved over it, placing my elongated lower limb into the hole. I moved my back area up and down, being careful not to splinter myself. Thoughts raced across my mind, about Shara and our previous sexual experience. I moaned as I felt my cum flow threw my veins, and then it came out.

As I removed my rod from the dead log, I saw what looked like an Lucario.

"No way Fernando, Lucarios don't exist in this part of the world." I thought to my self, and it was true, no Lucario had ever been this far north, it just did not happen, it was not natural. No one had seen a Lucario this far north since the whole Lucario clan incident. "That day over 100,000,000 lives were lost." I thought, remembering from when I was in school.

I saw another shadow, this time I was certain that it was a Lucario. I started to run away. I did not want to see a Lucario, not at all. I ran faster and faster, not stopping until I found Miuu.

"Miuu!" I yelled, not realising that I still had cum all over my fur.
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Fernando's tale ((R rated))
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