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 The Lost and Found (Edited-PG)

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Dirty Little Buizel


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PostSubject: The Lost and Found (Edited-PG)   Sat May 17, 2008 5:33 pm

this is from my original lemon, now edited for you non-pokephiliacs (Note: there may be mild language) NOTE: if anyone would like to see the unedited version, just PM me to let me know.

The Lost and Found

I made my way through some thick bushes. Being a water Pokemon, my feet were not used to the forest floor. I had several cuts and bruises from the sticks and twigs that got me, but I didn't care. All I could think about was getting back. Getting back to way my life used to be, with my trainer.

Back at home, I was my trainer's favorite Pokemon; his first captured Pokemon as well. We were soon ready to train, so he could challenge the gym leader in the next town. I used to watch when he trained his other Pokemon. I was impressed with his skills, and therefore, ready to experience them myself.

Why hadn't I trained before? Well...I was somewhat babied and was never used in battle. However, I took this as a complement.

That is where I was trying to get back. I was separated when something called a "war" broke out where my trainer lived. He sent all of his Pokemon out, and told them to head to safety. All I can remember that night was a man chasing us, naturally, I ran like hell straight into the woods.

I continued to run until I almost blacked out. I slowed down abruptly and found a small stream where I could get a drink and a quick swim. I quickly examined myself, my fur all ruffled and no longer retaining its original color; I could use a swim.

After what felt like 5 minutes, I headed to the bank and just sat and relaxed. My mind raced with all the stressful events that happened over the last week or so. I finally took he time to examine the sky; it was pitch black. I also noticed the moon was shining brilliantly, just shy of a full moon. It was probably some time after midnight.

I started to think about my trainer’s Pokemon. The one that stick out in my mind was his Bayleef, whom I became very good friends with. I started to miss her, and thought about all the fun we used to have when--

"Hey you!" a voice broke out. Oh no, I did make too much noise. "Get outta there! What're you doin' in our stream?" I was a little confused, after all, i couldn't even see who it was, and they might not even be addressing me.

"Who me?" I stupidly called out. I realized it was a stupid question; since, I was the only one in the stream, the only stream for miles. "What the 'ell kind of a question is that!? Of cours' we're talkin' to you!"

Suddenly, I could see four dark figures approaching, them being even harder to see, considering the moon was fading behind some clouds. Two small roundish figures, followed by something with what looked a lily pad on top of its head, followed by an even larger round figure. I noticed the two small figures were not standing on legs.
"Trespassers are so dumb. They just start preaching with the whole 'all water Pokemon are brothers' crap." the large figure, who spoke earlier, said.

"Last time I checked, I am in no way related to a Buizel." the third figure said. The two small figures remained silent.

I was about to become friendly with them but was just too speechless. It was then i knew i was screwed.

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Dirty Little Buizel


Number of posts : 37
Age : 24
Points :
40 / 10040 / 100

Registration date : 2008-04-12

PostSubject: Re: The Lost and Found (Edited-PG)   Sat May 17, 2008 6:00 pm

Chapter One

War Is Not a Manmade Thing

Yes, I am a Buizel, and damn proud of it. The only thing I regret is not knowing who my parents were. From what the Buizel and Floatzel I grew up with told me, my father was a Floatzel who protected the “clan.” My mother went with him. Luckily, I was able to be saved, but my sister unfortunately was not.

However, enough about my boring and sad life; I was in a dire situation that required quick thinking, which unfortunately, was not my forte. As the four figures stepped into some moonlight, everything fell into place. They were the stream-dwellers of the forest: Lotad, Lombre, and Ludicolo. This was obviously their stream. I was already in it, and they didn’t look like they were going to be friendly anytime soon.

Suddenly, I had an idea. However, it involved me doing something I had never done before. It was now or never, I had to try, since it looked like they were about to lunge at me.

I quickly used the muscles located in my split tail and thought about a rapid spinning motion. My tail started to spin at an increasingly fast rate. It worked! My tail served as a propeller, and I quickly propelled myself downstream.

I could hear the land/water dwellers following, but they were no match for me. I soon heard their splashes fading.

I soon relaxed, although, I shouldn’t have, since when I saw what I saw at the end of the stream, I realized I made a mistake. It was a colony of Lotad, Lombre and Ludicolo. I could probably sneak around since they weren’t aware of me, but surely, their guards would gladly fill everyone in on the intruder.

I reached the end of the stream falling into a small pond. I went down the short waterfall, and blindly swam around in the pond, not knowing what to do next. Suddenly, my lifesaver appeared before my eyes; a small alcove was hidden under the waterfall, the perfect size for me. And besides, even if they found me, only the Lotad could possibly fit, and what could a Lotad do? I felt safe for a while and decided to relax and think about my old life.

I awoke what was probably several hours later, in the early hours of the morning. The sky was a bright pinkish-orange. It reminded me of the fruit my trainer used to eat, the one called a “peach.” Then reality struck me as I realized, that was several hours lost looking for my trainer.

I swam up to the surface of the water, and looked at the rock wall. I panicked and turned around; I had forgotten I was still trapped with a bunch of angry Lotad evolutions. Thankfully, they hadn’t thought to look for me in their pond, which for some reason, looked bigger than it did last night. I guess in my panic last night, I couldn’t take the time to notice the beauty of this lake.

The colony was dead silent. Nothing stirred except for the light breeze and the rustle of a loose leaf here and there. I figured I’d have to do something, and now was the best time.

I decided I would go as far away from the colony as possible and make my way to the woods in that direction. I silently swam to the bank and was actually able to see the impressiveness of these dwellings, for these Pokemon that is.

I was hypnotized by the sheer detail of the carvings (most likely of stories told by elders) on the stone and wood where these proud Pokemon lived. I became nearer and nearer to the point where I was actually feeling the smooth stone.

It must have been five minutes before I snapped out of my trance. Some Pokemon walked out of the doorway (with a small door fashioned out of leaves), a Lombre, too late, I couldn’t escape now. Except one thing mystified me about this Lombre. It didn’t look angry at all, in fact, the word was curious.

She finally mustered some courage to speak, “Who are you?” I personally didn’t think this was the time to answer questions from Pokemon who were trying to attack, but this Lombre didn’t make me feel that way.

I actually answered pretty loudly, “I’m Buizel, no nickname, and you?”

She seemed offended by this question, “Um, my name is Lotram.” she sighed quietly. I couldn’t see what she was upset about.

“Excuse me, but could you tell me what you’re so upset about?” At this point, the sun was fully up, and it shined brightly on her face and accented her features that made her a Lombre. The sad eyes, the frown--the frown! How could I have been so stupid? Lombre are always sad looking, at least that was what I thought. “Oh, I’m sorry,” I quickly said, “You’re a Lombre and you’re just that way, sad.”

She seemed amused by this statement because she giggled and smiled. “That’s not true!” she laughed heartily, “Where ever did you hear such a thing?”

I was confused by her question, “Well…no where, it’s just how I’ve always seen Lombre…”

“Well that’s just our battle stance of course.” she was still laughing, “I mean, what about you? I’ve never seen a Buizel and cheery smile on its face.”

“Yeah, I guess I never thought of that.” I started to weakly laugh, so she didn’t think I was stupid or something. “But could you tell me why you’re upset about your name?”

She abruptly stopped laughing. “Oh Lotram,” she sighed again. “Well you see, in Loti, our language, it’s an insulting word meaning, ‘ugly’ or ‘putrid’” She looked downtrodden.

“Oh,” I said, “I’m sorry…” I think that’s what I was supposed to say.

“How come you don’t have a name?” she asked, “Aren’t you from around here?”

“No,” I answered back, thinking about what the answer was, “I was raised by a trainer, and he didn’t like nicknames so much.”

“Nicknames, huh?” she playfully asked. “So tell me something Buizel, what’re you doing here, so early in the morning?”

I panicked, that’s why she was so nice, and she didn’t know I was the trespasser. She probably thought I was just some wanderer. “Hey uh, Lotram. Did you hear about some intruder in your stream last night?”

“Oh yeah, the sacred stream. Nobody’s allowed in there unless it’s a special occasion.”

“Did they say who or what it was?”

“No, not really, they didn’t have much time…” Suddenly she realized what was going on and gasped, “Wait! You’re not the trespasser, are you?”

“Well, sort of. I didn’t think I was trespassing. I was just dirty and needed a bath from traveling so long.”

“Traveling? Where are you headed? You seem kind of young to be out on your own.” This bombardment of questions only confused me.

“Well, I’m on my way back to my trainer.”

“Back!?” she gasped. “Why would you ever want to go back?” she seemed surprised.

“Well, I was happy there.”

“Happy!? After he abandoned you?” she seemed to be getting angrier.

“No, no, no. He didn’t abandon me; he had to let me go. There was something called a ‘war’ going on. It was dangerous to be there. I just want to find my trainer and make sure he’s all right.”

“Oh, I’m sorry,” her tone got much softer and much more sympathetic, “I still don’t get why you wouldn’t want to live free like all wild Pokemon. But then again, I’ve never been captured, so I wouldn’t know.”

“Yeah well--wait! You aren’t all upset by the fact that I was the intruder last night?” I was shocked by her reaction to me.

“No. I can see that what you did was an honest mistake. As a matter of fact, I sort of wish I was you.”

I was rather taken aback. Jealous!? I thought. Why on earth should she be jealous of my situation? I’ve got no home, no food, and now, I’m being chased by the law.

“You’d want to be in my shoes?” Hoping the answer was yes.

“Oh yeah. I’m really the adventurous type, always wanting to live life on the edge.” she quickly became sober, “But this structured life of mine prevents all of that. There are mountains on all sides, and guards protecting the exit.”

“Guards?” I asked

“Oh yeah, the strongest Ludicolo in the colony.”

“ Well, I was planning on escaping that way.” I revealed my plan.

“Well, it’s a good thing I caught you. You’d surely been caught and who knows what.” Suddenly a bell rang out somewhere. “Oh dear lord, no! It’s time for the town to wake up!”

“Where should I go?” I wasted no time in asking.

“Quick, into my house. My sister’s the only one inside.” Lotram quickly grabbed my hands and walked inside.

“It was the perfect place for the species of Pokemon. It was actually a cave that widened to a large, somewhat brighter living room. It was cozy and complete with two piles of surprisingly comfortable-looking leaves, where they probably sleep. Two? It was there where I was confused.

Lotram took one final breath, relieved. She quickly made a promise to me, but mostly to herself, “Buizel, as long as I know you, I will keep you safe in this colony and see to it that you continue your search home.”

I smiled, “Thanks,” I thought it was the time to ask, “Why are there only two piles of leaves?”

Lotram didn’t seem surprised that I could figure out what they’re for, “Well, I’m the youngest daughter of the leader, he was out last night. You probably saw him.”

I remembered last night; Lotram’s father must have been that large Ludicolo. “Yeah I think I did. But…you don’t sound like him.”

“Wha’ you mean talk in dis ridiculous way?” she asked, imitating her father’s dialect, “You really think I’d want to talk like such a brute?”

I was taken aback at how cruelly Lotram spoke of her father. “Well, where’s your sister?” I quickly thought of something, “Wait! She won’t turn me in, will she?”

Lotram chuckled, “Nah, don’t worry Lotadia’s a pushover. I can get anything I want. It’s my parents you have to worry about. They actually live in the other cave.”

Suddenly a very tall (at least much taller than Lotram) and feminine-looking Lombre walked into the cave. She looked puzzled, yet angry by my appearance. She scrutinized me carefully, “Hey Lotram, who’s this? This ain’t no Lotad, Lombre, and he’s (I blushed strangely) no Ludicolo, that’s for sure. What’s a Buizel doin’ here?”

Lotram suddenly hardened her voice, “Lotadia this is the Buizel that dad and his friends were worrying frantically about. Turns out, he’s not really a trespasser. He just wanted a bath.”

“Yeah, yeah that’s what they all say. Do you know how much trouble we’ll be in if you have another kind of Pokemon here?”

“I know, I know,” Lotram replied, “But I can’t let him go out there and get killed or whatever happens.”

Lotadia calmed down a bit, “Okay, he can stay for 24 hours, then he’s gotta go. And no bringin’ him inta town eitha’

I was beginning to not like Lotadia, second by second. It was obvious that Lotram had problems with her family. I agreed with her, she didn’t need this safe, sheltered life. She needed adventure, danger, and suspense. It made me wonder if we could escape together, surely, my trainer would take Lotram, but I couldn’t take her away from her family, as much as she didn’t like it. Lotadia walked out to do what I guess were her daily chores.

“Well, it’s only 24 hours, but it’s enough to get you out of here.” Lotram said.

“Uh, Lotram?” I asked, “Why is it against the law to have other Pokemon in the colony?”

Lotram thought for a moment, “I don’t really know,” she started pacing, “All that I know is that our town elders are bitter folk. Our Pokemon started to hate others after a war broke out over--”

“A war!” I exclaimed, “So you mean Pokemon have wars too?”

“Well yeah. War isn’t a manmade thing, only the word is.” she became even more sober, “A war is simply a conflict between two opposing parties.”

“So that’s what’s happening to my trainer?” I started to worry, “He’s in the middle of a fight with other humans?!”

“I’m afraid so.” Lotram saw how nervous I looked. “But not everyone dies in a war. I’m sure if we looked for your trainer, he’ll be fine and you’ll be back, to normal.”

“So could you tell me who--wait, we!? What do you mean, we!? You’re not telling me you’re coming with me, do you?” Again, I was hoping the answer was yes, after all, Lotram was a great and caring Pokemon to talk to. But then again, Lotram had a family, however, one she hated intently.

“Well, you didn’t expect me not to come with you, after I helped you, did you?” I was speechless, but I wanted to ask her about her family, but she seemed to understand me, “Oh, my family. I’m sure this isn’t news to you, but, I don’t like my family. I’m adventurous and need to be on my own. Not only that, but I want to experience the tough training only a trainer can give. So admit it, you wanted me to come with you all along, didn’t you?”


“Good, it’s settled then. We first need to come up with a way to escape. I wonder if the guards ever leave their post--”

“Uh Lotram, can you tell me what this war in your colony was all about?” I asked earnestly, wanting to know.

“Well, it was quite a while ago, a few years back, I was still a Lotad. Naturally, the war was between, the Seedot, Nuzleaf, and Shiftry of the forest. Those were the only main parties of course. But one leader really made the difference. The most valiant Floatzel ever alive. He fought for water types everywhere. General Furozeru his name was. I believe the main reason he was fighting was for his family.”

“Lotram! That could have been my father! He fought in a war, now that I know what it is. He died, and so did my mother and sister. I was the only one who could escape.”

“Wait, if you know the story, then it’s probably true. I did hear one Buizel escaped.”

“It’s always been my dream to find out more about my family.” I said excited, not minding my volume.

“But Buizel, do you realize what this means? Your father is the only outsider that our colony respects. If you’re his son, then they can’t hurt you! You’ll be like a god!” she said.

“Really? Do you really think that’ll work?” I asked, “I mean, should we really risk that?”

“Yes Buizel, I’m positive this should definitely work! But for now, we should do what Lotadia said and leave you inside; I have to go do my chores.”

I watch Lotram leave the cave as I decided to explore the cave a little more. I decided to test the leaves, just a little. I started by lowering myself at the edge and then lowering my back. Wow, were these leaves comfortable.

Despite how the leaves looked, they were smooth and somewhat fluffy. I felt relaxed, my eyes just involuntarily closed. I drifted into a light sleep thinking about me and Lotram escaping, or…not? What if I couldn’t ever leave? Surely, someone with so much respect is able to do whatever they feel like.

I quickly tossed that thought aside, and thought once more about me and Lotram escaping. It would be so nice, us running in the forest, to our destination. We’d rest for the night finding a comfortable clearing. We’d curl up next to each other.

I must have been talking in my sleep, and saying Lotram, fairly loudly, because I heard the echo of my voice

No soon did I think was would happen if Lotadia or worse, Lotram walked in. How could I possibly explain to her how it happened? I heard something walking down through the cave. Damn! It was Lotram.

However, when she saw me she looked…amused..

She smiled, and seemed to understand what happened, and understood I wasn’t interested in her that way. “Sometimes, our unwanted thoughts seem to get the better of us, don’t they? I just wanted to check and make sure you were comfortable, but, I can see you’re as comfortable as possible.” She turned around with a flourish and walked out, giggling ominously.

I could clearly see that traveling with such an eccentric Pokemon was going to be, interesting.
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Dirty Little Buizel


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PostSubject: Re: The Lost and Found (Edited-PG)   Sat May 17, 2008 6:01 pm

Chapter Two
The Lost

As far as me being a god, it could’ve happened. Lotram later told me of her chores that day. This is what I got out of it.

Lotram decided to start off with her first chore: collecting water. She dreaded this chore the most since she had to collect a lot of it.

However first she would put it off for a few minutes by walking through the colony to see what everyone else was doing. Actually, she wanted to find out what people would think of General Furozeru’s son living in the colony. Regardless of what people thought, however, she was still escaping with me. It would only make it easier if people respected me.

She walked to the first house where Ludibre, a wise old Ludicolo lived. Lotram often depended on him for good conversation. He didn’t seem to be doing anything when she came.

“Hey Ludibre, you’ve got nothing to do today?”

“Well, I did, but, well my back’s acting up again. I’m getting to the point where I’m gonna have to hire somebody to do my work for me.”

“Well that’s too bad. Uh, could you tell me about General Furozeru’s family again?” she asked.

“Again? Why on earth would you want to hear it again?”

“Well, I want to know about the son that escaped.” Lotram admitted

“’Kay, what do you want to know?”

“Well,” she slowly became more confident with speaking openly, “Well, what would happen if say, he came back?”

“If the son of Furozeru came back!?” he shouted, eyes wide open, “If he came back, then he’d be highly respected of course. Why ever ask such a silly question?”

“Uh, no particular reason. Just stalling to do my chores (which was true).”

“Ah, of course,” he said with a chuckle, “Well now, run along and get to your water collecting.”

Lotram bid him goodbye and set off towards to direction of the lake, so Ludibre wouldn’t get suspicious, then made her way to Tad’s cave, Lotadia’s current employer. He was a tall Lombre, probably at maximum height. He is strong, almost as if he could evolve into a Ludicolo without a Water Stone. But of course, that is impossible.

Lotram was in for a very unpleasant surprise. Not only did she see Tad inside, but also…Lotadia, and they were…together. But Lotrasm was too young for a boyfriend

“Lotadia! What the hell is going on here?”

Lotadia was startled by Lotram’s abrupt appearance, “Don’t you dare take such language with me!”

“Okay then, what were you doing?”

“That’s none of your business!”

“Well I’m here now, so it is my business, isn’t it?” she retorted with a smirk on her face.

“Well,” Lotadia seemed cornered, “So what? We were talking about marriage. What’s it to you?”

“Oh really? That all you were doing?”

“Of course.”

Lotram wasn’t fooled.

“Your still young to be with each other, plus not to mention the small fact that you both ARE STILL LOMBRE!”

“I’m telling mother and father.” Lotadia threatened.

“Go ahead! See if I give a crap! Because you know what Lotadia? I don’t care about you, mother or father. I don’t care about the colony and its over-protective life. And you accuse me of doing something illegal with Buizel. As soon as he escapes, I’m going with him--” Lotram froze.

Fatal mistake. Lotram had forgotten that Tad was still in the room, listening to the entire conversation. He stood up.

“Buizel? The intruder? In your cave? Lotadia, did you know about this?”

“Of course not! Why would I keep such secrets?” Lotram looked shocked and angry at the lie Lotadia just told.

“You liar! You knew! You said we had 24 hours to get him out of here!”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about. Why are you trying to get me into trouble?” she was good. She actually looked innocent.

“You don’t understand. It was all an accident!” Lotram screamed, her eyes on the verge of tears, “And do you know who he is? He’s General Furozeru’s son. He should be honored instead of punished.”

“Oh and how do you know that?” Tad asked, with a sober grin on his face.

“Because he told me.” she said with a slight falter in her voice.

“What does that mean? How do you know he didn’t just make that up?” That’s what Lotram had been afraid of. Of course she knew that it was true. But she didn’t have any solid proof.

“Who cares!” Lotadia blurted out, “Why are we just standing here? We should find him at my cave. He should be there…right Lotram?”

“I’m not saying anything.” she solidly declared.

“Come on, let’s go get everyone else, and I’ll bring you to my cave.” Lotadia and Tad jogged out of the cave, leaving Lotram alone, helpless. Then she too ran out, but immediately ran to her cave.

Being bored to death, just sitting around, I decided to explore a little. I sort of wish I hadn’t though. I crept up to the wall, closest to the outside. I noticed a crack in the wall. It was a fairly big crack; I could see light coming through it.

I heard voices coming through it. I could barely see figures moving when I bent down with my eye looking through the crack. However, I could make them out to be Ludicolo. Somehow the voices seem to get louder. They must be approaching the cave; what could that mean?

“This cave?” asked the first Ludicolo.

“That’s what I heard Colodun.” answered the other.

“But…but this is where the leader’s daughters live. Why would they be hiding something like an intruder here?”

“I don’t know, but you know them. Ain’t nothing like their father, nope not at all. The little one, Lotram is weird, and I have heard the older one, Lotadia is a bad flirt.”

“What’s gonna happen now?”

“I heard the store keeper, you, the young Tad, is getting the whole colony together, to get the intruder out.”

“I also heard it was General Furozeru’s son.”

“That was a lie, Little Lotram said that to keep him out of trouble.”

“Where are they meeting anyway?”

“In the colony’s forum.”

“Let’s go then.” Both Colodun and Breloda walked away to the point where I could not hear their voices.

Damn, the pan must not have worked. There was nothing I could do, considering, they were already coming to get me. I flinched and almost had a heart attack when I heard quick footsteps.”

It was only Lotram.

“Don’t scare me like that!” I said.

“Sorry, but this is not the time, Buizel, do you realize what’s happening?”

“Yeah, but what’re we going to do?”

“Let’s go now, we’ll have to escape through the gate.”

“But,” I faltered, “Didn’t you say the gate was blocked by guards?”

“Well, it’s better than just sitting here. And besides,” she stopped moving frantically, “I made a promise to you. I said, as long as I know you, I promise to keep you safe in this colony, and see to it that you continue your search home.”

I was touched by her promise that I almost forgot about. Now something deep inside me said that this was going to happen…right, of course.

“If we’re lucky, the guards would have gone to the forum like everyone else. But we need to go now!”

She grabbed my hand and we sprinted out of the cave, there was nobody else around. We ran to the unexplored (by me of course) part of the colony. I took a quick peek back and could barely see the spot where me and Lotram met that morning. Now it looked right before noon. In the few hours I’ve known her, I’ve grown closer to her than to anyone’s I’ve ever known.

I could see the colony gate approaching, however, I could also see a shadow next to it--a Ludicolo’s. Lotram seemed to notice too and skidded to a halt, knocking me backwards.

“Wher d’you thin’ your goin’ y’un’ lady?” asked the leader of the colony--Lotram’s father.

“Dad, I’m escaping with my friend, Buizel.” Lotram answered confidently.

“Well, well, well. If it isn’t my little intruder friend.” he took advantage of me being on the ground by placing one of his feet right on my stomach, rather strongly too, “and my little slut of a daughter--”

Lotram didn’t seem to notice me, “It’s Lotadia that’s the slut!” she yelled. “I haven’t done a thing with Buizel except save the innocent and GET OFFA HIM!” she seemed to have slipped into her father’s accent.

Sunddenly she charged forward, “Get off him you bastard!” right as she reached him, she jumped up and kicked him right in the stomach. Her father got the wind knocked out of him, he went down cursing and saying random murmurings. “Lotram, go! Who the ‘ell in this family needs ya?” Then he blacked out.

I was in awe, “Where did you learn a fighting type move?” I had recognized her Hi-Jump Kick, but how? Nobody I knew from the Lotad line could learn that.

“Uh, she blushed, “I don’t know. Just picked it up.” something told me she wasn’t being totally truthful, or maybe she didn’t know why. Well, whatever, the reason, I wasn’t complaining.

“But come on!” she said, “We have to go now, before they catch up to us!” Then we tore out of the gate back into the dense forest I was I before.

Except now, the thing was, I didn’t know where we were. We were probably on the total opposite side of the forest…for all I knew.

We started to walk slowly, but something made me uneasy. “Lotram, why is it so quiet here?” I was wondering where all the usual Pidgey chirps or Kricketot songs were. Not even a rustle from a Caterpie, Weedle, or Wurmple.

“Well actually, if you really want to know.” she paused, I noticed she was whispering, “We’re in an illegal area.”

“What!” I yelled.

“Shh!” she immediately hissed. “Listen to me. They’re sleeping now but if we’re quiet they won’t wake up.”


“The Seedot, Nuzleaf, and Shiftry that rule this part of the forest. They’re our mortal enemies. We’re always competing for land. Right now, we’re winning, just a little.

“So these are the kind that were involved in the war?”


“They’re the ones that killed my family?”

She hesitated, “Yes.”

“Well, it appears the sumwon knows their his’try.” a mysterious voice said with a British accent, a rather nasty one at that.

“Uh, who was that?” Lotram asked, scared.

“Ow, it’s naowon, jus’ the gad of this pa’t of the forest.”

“Guard, huh?”

“I’m suppose’ to keep illegal al’ens like yaou outta heeya.”

“Illegal?” Lotram asked pretending not to know.

“Damn rawt it’s illegal. This is no plaice faw a Lombre tabee.”


“Don’ yaou act dum’ wit’ me y’un’ lady! Yaou know very well tha’ only Seedot, Nuzleaf, and Shiftry, can be haire. The Shiftry guard started to become impatient. “Yaou knaow, I’m starting to gaet really annoyed with taou. Yaou the leader’s dawter, ain’t ya?”

“That’s no business of your, “ she answered bluntly.

“Denyin’ it huh? Well then it mus’ be traue.” He turned to look at me, “Ah, an’ who ivwee got ‘ere?” Gen’ral Furozreu’s son ain’t it?”

I was planning on following suit, but was too surprised, “How did you know?”

“Ah, I nahva forget a face. I saw yaou with your fam’ly a wawile back.” he started to laugh ominously, “Yaou knaow, befaw aye keeled dem.” at this point the laughed straight out loud. The anger built inside of me. This is the bastard who killed my family is it?

For over a year, I‘ve wanted to know who killed my family. Now I knew, but I wish I hadn’t. Suddenly, I did something I couldn’t control. I lifted right off the ground.

“Buizel, no!” Lotram shouted.

But it was too late, I was already heading for the guard lie a rocket. I was actually pretty surprised--an Aqua Jet. I’d been trying to master this for weeks. But I realized now was definitely not the time to master it. ’Cause really, aqua jetting an angry plant is not the best thing to do.

I was rushing towards the Shiftry, but I couldn’t tell for how much longer, since I closed my eyes. Regardless, when we collided it hurt. The Shiftry was sent backwards into a tree, causing several sleeping Seedot to fall right onto the ground.

Now the Shiftry was angry. He called a few others to help him. There were about a dozen Seedot, Nuzleaf and Shiftry surrounding us.

“What shall we do with them?” one asked.

“Well she’s the leader’s daughter in the colony down there. How about a little ransom?”

“What would we ask for?”

“Well land of course you idiot!”

“We could get some of the forest!”

“No, we could overpower and rule them!”

While all this conversation was going on, Lotram and I were huddled in the center of everything, wishing it would stop/

“Silence!” the guard finally shouted to end the fight. We shall naut ahsk for rahnsum. Oiy don’ thin’ the leader would cahr enawf about’ ‘is dawter to give up aneethin’” Lotram lowered her headm realizing he was right, “We shall nawt ahsk faw anee rahnsum at oll! We’ll send them bahk, to ‘umiliate the Lotad line.

“How do you propose to do that?” Lotram shouted, “How is sending us back going to humiliate my family?”

Another Shiftry stepped up, “Oh don’t think we’re just going to send you back the way you are. We know everything that goes on and we know that that Buizel is a trespasser!”

“So?” Lotram asked, one eyebrow raised.

The Shiftry seemed amused that she didn’t understand yet. “You still don’t get it? Good, let’s keep it that way for a little while. Me and Shiffillous have a little planning to do, don’t we?” he asked the guard.

“aww caus’ faw nauw, we’re jus’ gonna lock yaou awp faw a little’ wawile.

As they carried us away, I was worried about our fates. What were they planning to do? How were they going to humiliates Lotram’s family? Did it involve me I some way?

There was only one word that could describe my situation best, lost. I was lost from my trainer, wondering if I would ever see him again. I was lost as the son of Furozeru, since now everyone who worships him, hates me. I was lost wondering what was happening now, wondering if I would lose my life. Now I wasn’t lost…I was The Lost.
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Wow, this is good.


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Artemis wrote:
Wow, this is good.

I agree.

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PostSubject: Re: The Lost and Found (Edited-PG)   Sat Jun 07, 2008 10:52 am

yay! Chapter 3 is fainally finished.

The Lost and Found
Chapter Three:
Tad’s Double Identity

Warning: Warranty void outside of United States. Prices are subject to change. Results may vary.

Now it was really dark. Even when I opened my eyes, I couldn’t see anything. However, I could hear Lotram’s breathing beside me; she was fast asleep. I didn’t understand how she could sleep at a time like this. I decided to try sleeping again.

I drifted into sleep eventually, but had a strange dream. I dreamt we were safe from harm, that is, Lotram and I. I could swear we were almost back to the big city, where my trainer was waiting for us.

There was something unusual about this place, however. It wasn’t dark and woody like the forest; it was watery and damp, like a swamp. I could see a figure across the swamp. I couldn’t quite make it out, it was just too dark. I could sense it staring back at me.

I suddenly had a feeling ; a feeling that it could possibly be my trainer’s Bayleef. I ran ahead, as close to the swamp as possible, trying to get as close a look as I could; it was no use. Lotram caught up with me. Although no sounds could be heard, I knew she was telling me to be careful, for who knows what it was.

However, I knew what it as. It had to be my trainer’s Bayleef. Despite Lotram telling me to be careful, I started to walk around the vast swamp to see what it was--

I woke up, feeling ecstatic. I think in my excitement, I accidentally nudged Lotram wake.

“What’s going on?” she asked

“Lotram, I just had a dream, “ I said, almost unsure of where to start explaining.

“That’s very nice, but I’d like to go back to sleep--”

“No! There’s more. I think I might have seen the future.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I said, I think I might have seen the future. I saw that we were going to make it back home.”

“Really?” Lotram asked, now interested.

“Well,” my smile dropped somewhat, “not exactly, but I could feel it. We were almost home, but, we weren’t in a forest anymore. We were in a swamp. There was someone across it. I could swear it was my trainer’s Bayleef, I mean I get…I just know it has to be,” I said, Lotram giggled.

“Anyway, that probably means Bayleef was looking for her way back too.” I continued.

“Wow, that’s pretty amazing;” Lotram said, “I wonder what else one could see with a seventh sense?”

“Don’t you mean a sixth sense?”

“Well, us Lombre already have six. We have one that can tell us the condition of the water we’re in. Things like freshness, acidity, cleanliness, you know, things like that.”

“But…I’m a water Pokemon. How come I don’t have that?” I asked enviously.

“I don’t know…maybe water Pokemon that are part plant need to worry about these things more?”


“Well, I think we should sleep now, after all, we can considering we’re going to live.”

I was ready to go back to sleep. I wanted to know if I could see other visions. My nebulous dreams told me something was wrong about us going to sleep. Something told me I was right, and I was.”

I woke up to strange noises. I didn’t move or make a sound. Someone was coming, and I wanted to find out who it was.

I slowly moved my eyes to a shadow creeping up; Lotram was still asleep. The figure I could see was slowly moving closer, towards Lotram. Was this our punishment? I still didn’t understand, unless…

The Pokemon made one swift movement and faced Lotram. Lotram was scared awake, from the presence of another. I decided it was safe to wake up at this point. I sat and looked over; it was a Nuzleaf. He didn’t notice me though, as he was too busy concentrating on whatever it was he was doing. What was he doing?

The Nuzleaf used a Fake Out on Lotra, causing her to flinch. She was hepless at this point. The Nuzleaf was rather fast, a couple of Pounds, and then a Faint Attack. Periodically, he kept Lotram from doing anything with a Fake Out.

The Nuzleaf, seriously hurt Lotram with a Nature Power. It was then I realized: this Nuzleaf was battling her, possibly trying to get her very weak.

“Hey! What do you think you’re doing?” I asked ready to fight immediately.

“Why, Lotram’s punishment of course. This is how we’re going to embarrass you. Once Lotram is as weak as possible, we’ll force both of you to go back, and they’ll see she’s with you and well, they’ll know the mayor’s daughter was attack by someone she trusted.

Lotram resisted enough to talk, “What makes you think we’ll go back?”

“Oh don’t worry, we’ll force you both to do that too.” he said with a smile.

“Well--what makes you think I’ll say it was Buizel and not some bastard of a Nuzleaf?”

“Come on, honestly, do you think you’re father will believe you?”

“Let me go!” Lotram yelled, not knowing what else to say.

“Aqua Jet!” I yelled and rocketed towards the Nuzleaf. We collided and he bounced back, just a little. It caused him to miss with his next set of Pound attacks.

It was no use. I could keep the Nuzleaf at bay, but I’d get tired sooner than he would. I helplessly watched as Lotram screamed and tried to pull away. I knew I couldn’t do anything. He was going to win soon, and there was nothing I could do about it. However…

Suddenly everyone stopped moving, the Nuzleaf included, as the cage around us suddenly burst into pieces and splinters. Immediately, a powerful water gun sent the Nuzleaf flying out of sight and into a tree. The Nuzleaf fainted, and we were free to go. However, who had saved us? I wanted to find out, but nobody was to be seen,in any direction, save for Lotram, who started to calm down, and the fainted Nuzleaf, lying on the ground.

“Lotram, who saved us just now?” I asked.

“I…don’t…know,” Lotram was panting heavily, “But let’s get out of here now.”


I helped Lotram off the ground, and we sprinted as far away from our cage as possible. However, I still, wondered who saved us?

I knew this was a far-fetched daydream, but what if it had been my father? There was so much evidence confirming it. My father would definitely have been watching over the Lotad, Lombre and Ludicolo, for he had been on their side. He would have used such a powerful water gun, and most importantly, he would have wanted to save me, but why hadn’t he revealed himself?

But he couldn’t reveal himself; he is dead. He died valiantly in a war to protect me, and my family, despite only I was spared. Although, what if perhaps for that small chance, my father was still alive? What if it actually was possible?

“Buizel!” Lotram yelled, “Can’t you hear me? I said, ‘where are we going to go now?’”

I shook myself out of my deep thoughts, “Uh, I don’t know, you have a clue?”

“I don’t know, but I think we’re far away enough. Look, here’s some Caterpie; we’re out of Shiftry territory. Let’s take a rest.”

I didn’t have to verbally agree with her, since I just stopped and sat down. The dirt was surprisingly comfortable here.

I decided to share my thoughts with Lotram, “Lotram, is there even a chance my father is still alive?”

“Uh, not sure. Everyone was pretty sure he was dead.”



“Because, I was thinking, what if it was my father that saved us?”

“Something tells me it wasn’t, but I’m not really sure.”

“Well, who do you think it was?”

“I know it was not your father Buizel.” a new voice spoke, one that seemed a little familiar.

“Who was that?” Lotram asked.

“Lotram, don’t you recognize me?” the voice asked.

“Wait,” she gasped, “It couldn’t be…”

“Yes it is me,” a Lombre, a tall one, walked forward out of the shadow, “Tad.”

“Tad! What’re doing here? You betrayed me and Buizel and got the whole colony chasing us.”

“No…I did that to protect you.”

“Protect us? How on earth were you protecting us?”

“Let me explain, and don’t interrupt me. As you probably have guessed, I have been ready to evolve into a Ludicolo for a long time. However, I prevented myself from it. I knew I would never be as quick as a Ludicolo. As a Lombre, I’m not as strong, but my speed makes up for it.

Anyway, the point is, during the war, I secretly protected the forest from…invaders. Nobody knew I was doing it, and that was for the better--”

“How was it for the better?” Lotram broke in.

“Lotram, I told you not to interrupt me. After the war, I continued to protect the forest.

However, once I heard the son of Furozeru was here, I knew he must be led out of the colony immediately.

It’s actually rather strange why I felt this. It was only about a week or so back. I had a very vivid dream of a Buizel running through the woods. He was chased down a stream into a colony much like ours. Next I heard whispering in my dream, talk of an old friend, Furozeru. Random things were said such as ‘his son has returned,’ or ‘Protect the chosen one.’ I knew this was related to me somehow, since…I am a chosen one.”

“A chosen one, what’s that?” Lotram couldn’t help herself.

Tad looked amused, “I can see this can’t go by without a question or two. Okay, a chosen one is one that can have very vivid dreams, sometimes even foretelling the future.”

I gasped; Tad looked surprised that I’d be the one to interrupt.

“Yes Buizel?”

“I had a very vivid dream just before. It was us in a swamp for some reason, so I guess that means I knew we were going to live through our ordeal. But one thing about it confused me.”


“Across the swamp was something, but I think I knew what it was. It has to be my trainer’s Bayleef, trying to find her way back too.”

“Hmm…” although he didn’t appear so, Tad was actually very interested.

“Well, I got a certain feeling, one that made me certain…now I‘m confusing myself.”

Tad simply laughed, “Well, I can see you certainly are a chosen one. But there’s only one way to find out for certain. Continue your journey and that event should eventually take place.

“Tad?” Lotram asked.


“Do you know maybe where we should go now?”

“Hmm…”Tad seemed to be planning something, “Well maybe you should head to Luca’s den tonight and travel again outside when it’s bright outside.”


“Oh a good friend of mine. She’s a Lucario who lost her husband in the war. She has the cutest little Riolu too, erm…well anyway, that’s where you should go. Anyway, I have to be getting back now.”

“Tad?” Lotram asked.

“What, Lotram?” Tad asked, seeming annoyed.

“How come you didn’t reveal yourself before?”

“Well, we were too close to the enemy, they might’ve blown the secret about me.”

“Oh…of course.”

“Bye now, and be careful.” Tad seemed to leap into nothingness, as it looked like he had disappeared.

Lotram stood in awe, “Wow, who would’ve known? Someone like Tad?”

“Er, Lotram?”


“Didn’t you find it odd how he seemed to be plotting something when he told us to go to Luca’s den?”

“Hmm, maybe, but first we should find this Luca.”


I was still a little unsure about Tad. Was he plotting a trap? Was there really a nice Lucario and a cute little Riolu waiting in a den? Or maybe, the opposite, maybe there was some sort of surprise waiting in my favor? As we searched for Luca’s den, I started to wonder if there was more to Tad’s double identity.

To Be Continued…
The Lost and Found
Chapter Four
The Secret of Luca’s Den
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The Lost and Found
Chapter Four
The Secret of Luca’s Den

WARNNG: Does anyone even read this stuff? We reserved the right to change stuff even though we don't feel like it. Who is "we" anyway, and sorry, batteries not included (I know, so disappointing)...

“Look, that must be it!” Lotram pointed at a hold in the wall of the forest.

I was actually surprised by its appearance.. When Tad said den, I pictured just some cave. But this was an actual home, with a garden and small sign hanging over the den opening reading, “Welcome to Luca and Rio’s Den.”

Lotram walked forward, but I hesitated.

“What’s your problem?” Lotram asked.

“Er…nothing.” I became curious as to what was going to happen, so I walked inside with Lotram.

It turned out to be a comfortable-looking den, as if a family lived here. Maybe I was wrong; maybe Tad was on the good side.

However, whoever did live here obviously wasn’t expecting us. “Who’s there?” a nervous voice asked. “Stay away if you’re a troublemaker!” Suddenly, a huge mass of energy came hurling from around the last bend in the den. It narrowly missed us and hit the wall, causing the den to shake.

“Nice Aura Sphere,” Lotram whispered, “Uh, we’re friends of Tad’s. He told us to come here for the night.” It was a question.

Whatever hurled the Aura Sphere at us, although I knew what it was, gave a huge sigh.

“I’m sorry, I’m just a little cautious. I hope you understand. Please, let me bring you in.

Suddenly, I felt very warm as I saw this creature-- this Lucario walk around the corner. I was too afraid to even; I was being cautious. I could never be too sure that this could turn out to be a trap.

“Oh Buizel, show your manners,” Lotram nudged teasingly, “I’m Lotram, and this sad thing is Buizel.”

I ignored the insult and continued to stare at the Lucario. Wait! Did she just glower at me?

“I am Luca, glad to meet you. I’d like you to meet my son Rio.”

We walked into the inner chamber, and saw a Riolu. This must be the one Tad mentioned. Although it seemed much like any other Riolu, I could sense something strange about this one. Tad was right, it was a rather cute Riolu--

“Rio, don’t do that!” Luca scolded. “sorry about that, my son has an unusual gift. He knows how to use Hypnosis.”

This puzzled both Lotram and I. A Riolu that knew Hypnosis? That was impossible…but wait…the same thing happened when I figured out Lotram could use Hi Jump Kick. What was going on?

“So anyway, shall I show you two where you will be sleeping tonight?” Luca asked us.

“Sure.” Lotram answered.

“Okay…Lotram, Rio will show you to your room.”


“Do as I say Rio!” Luca ordered.

“Oh okay, come on Lotramp.”

“It’s Lotram,” Lotram said angrily. They left out of the room, leaving only Lotram and I remaining.

“They’re getting along, aren’t they?” I said nothing; however, I had no idea what she was saying right now. “Um, Buizel, come this way to your room.” I followed her.

I felt nervous at this point. What was this suspicious Lucario doing? Surely, she didn’t want to just show me my room; I could tell from the look on her face. Luca stopped in front of a large crack in the wall, meant to be used as a doorway.

“This is your room,” she said, not taking her eyes off of me. Something about her made me feel uncomfortable. She sat down on the pile of grass meant to be a bed. “Why don’t you sit down next to me?” My brain kept saying no, but my body kept moving forward.

I sat down next to Luca, my heart racing at an incredible speed. My breathing started to get heavier. I felt like I wanted something to happen, but I didn’t know what.

She sensed my discomfort, “What’s wrong? A Little suspicious something might happen?” she giggled. “Well no need to worry about it…yet.”

I gasped, what…what was about to happen? The way she was talking to me made me feel something was definitely wrong. Next came something that made me lose my discomfort.

Suddenly, Luca got up and paced around for a few seconds. She seemed to be thinking…this was really too strange to be true.


Suddenly, she looked very angry and her eyes turned red. She suddenly started hurling Aura Spheres at me. I had to dance around the room to avoid each one. I was successful; however, that wasn’t the end of it. Luca had many more nasty tricks up her sleeve.

I finally decided to retaliate, using my newly learned Aqua Jet. As soon as I had gotten in too close, Luca clobbered me with a Bone Rush. It hurt more than anything I had ever experience in my life.

I tried to get up and immediately, Luca used a Force Palm on me…one that paralyzed me. I could no longer move. Luca moved me over to the bed.

At that point something strange happened, Luca’s eyes turned back to normal, she returned to normal and just continued what she was saying as if none of it had ever happened, soon, Lotram appeared in the doorway.

“So just make yourself comfortable.” she casually said, then walked out of the room. I quickly overturned some the grass on myself to hide my paralysis.

“What the hell was that?” I muttered.

“What was that?” Lotram asked.

“Oh nothing…er, something that you wanted?”

“Yeah Buizel, I wanted to talk to you about us.”


“Yeah, I was thinking about our relationship together.”

“Oh?” I panicked; was she about to admit feeling for me?

“Well, I just wanted to say…that we’re just friends, nothing more.” I sighed with relief. She continued, “I mean, I know you’ve had some thoughts, but I don’t think we should like each other that way. I’m not ready to love yet.”

“You know what Lotram? I felt the same exact same way.”

“Oh good.” Lotram said with a smile. “I’ll let you sleep then, good night.” she walked to the doorway. “Oh by the way, you need a chiropractor or something…next time don’t have such a big battle with Luca.”

I looked down at myself, unable to move, and sighed. “Good night.” she repeated and left with that strange giggle of hers.

I laid back in preparation to go to sleep. So it was settled then; me and Lotram were not going to start a romantic relationship.

My vision that night was in flashes rather than one long scene. I first started in that swampy area, where my trainer’s Bayleef will be. It continued where it left off with me running towards the other end of the swamp, Lotram following behind me. I think I could just make out a figure when--

The scene flashed. It was a Riolu, Rio, in fact. It appears we will have a conversation. But what was he saying? Dammit, I wish my dreams had sounds.

Again, the scene flashed to a dark underground cave. Lotram and I were being led by Luca. She seemed to be beckoning me on. But…what was it? I had to keep going--

“Good morning Buizel,” a voice woke me up. It was Lotram, she frowned, “Is something wrong?” she asked.

“No, nothing, just a bad dream, I suppose.” I didn’t want to tell Lotram right now, since they’d probably happen anyway, and I didn’t want to think about them at the moment.

“Okay then…breakfast.” she didn’t look completely convinced that I was telling the truth, but she let it go. I started to think about breakfast. I hadn’t had a proper breakfast, or any meal for that matter, in almost a week. At this point, berries and other small plants didn’t suffice any longer. I realized just how hungry I was. With no hesitation, I walked into the dining room.

I walked in and saw Rio sipping some berry juice, with no food in front of him. Luca turned around to see me. I wondered what she would think of me after last night.

“Oh, good morning Buizel. Breakfast isn’t quite ready yet. Today, I’m trying some human recipes. We usually eat a lot of berries and some vegetables from the garden, but I suppose today is special.

I stood there mouth agape. She seemed to not be concerned whatsoever about what happened last night. I slid my view over to the sipping Riolu; he flashed me a strange glare. He was definitely up to something.

Luca then took a more serious tone, “However, before breakfast, there is something I want to show you Buizel.”

Something for me? Could this have anything to do with my dream from last night?

“Follow me, Rio stay here, you can start on breakfast.” The Riolu looked ready to pounce on her, but did as she said. Lotram and I followed Luca to a part of the apparently enormous den that we had never seen before.

It was comparatively different to the rest of the den, it was dark and uninviting. This had to be my dream from last night.

We walked into the dark underground cave; Lotram and I were being led by Luca. She seemed to be beckoning me on. But…what was it? I had to keep going…to find out what was at the other end of this cave,

“It’s just a little further Buizel,” she was telling us, “I’m sure you’ll be very surprised.”

We walked in silence for a couple more minutes. The cave suddenly got brighter and wider …suitable for someone or maybe more, to live here.

“Buizel, it’s been a while, a couple of years in fact.” a mysterious voice said, I sensed someone else beside her.

“Wh--who are you?” I asked before enough light allowed me to see who it was.

“I know you probably don’t recognize me…my son.”

Son!? Wait a minute--

“You’re not…my mother are you?”

“Yes…I am.”

We walked into enough light to indeed confirm that a Floatzel was standing there, with a silent Buizel next to her.

“And you’re my sister?” she nodded to affirm it.

“What’s going on? You’re both supposed to be dead…but does that mean my father is still alive too?”

“No, your father is in fact dead.”

My hopes were crushed. My father was not alive. I know it wasn’t him that saved us, but I just wanted him to be alive. However, my mother looked ready to tell a story.

“You see, all those years ago, after your father died, our family was a target to be killed. They actually found us and we were separated from you; however, we were glad to find out you’d found shelter with others.

We fled here for several years. Tad kept us updated, then he told us you had come back and we were so excited. Now you can live with us until the madness is over.

This shocked me. I had forgotten I wasn’t journeying to look for my family; I was looking for my trainer. I was surprised she didn’t already know.

“Mom..” I hesitated.

“What is it?” she looked worried.

“I’m…I’m not wild anymore,”

My mother looked heartbroken. A moment of silence went by, then tears started running down her face.

“So…so you mean you’ll be going back to your trainer then?” she sobbed.

I panicked, “Yeah, but mom, I never forgot you existed. I’m captured and that is how it is,” I started crying too, “I’m…sorry.”

She saw how worked up she had gotten me, then she walked over and hugged me.

“Listen to me,” she said, “You be careful out there. It appears you’ve been in a lot of trouble already.”

“So…so you’re okay with it?”

“Of course I am. It’s your life and you have to live it. Of course, you’re not alone.” she looked over at Lotram, “I do believe you can easily take care of him for me.”

Lotram walked over, happy to be noticed, “Don’t worry, ma’am, your son is fairly grown up, although he does need to work on the concept of thinking.” she smirked at me, and I turned red.

“Oh is that so? Well, maybe we should get some breakfast?”

I was relieved she had changed the subject, “Yeah, and could you tell me what dad was like?”

“Of course, I’ll--”

“Emergency! Floatzel and other Buizel, do not come up, I can see some possible guards in the distance!” Luca alerted. No one even noticed she had left. Se turned to Lotram and I, “We need to get you two out, immediately”

My mom gave me one last hug, “Goodbye, son, go now and be careful.” As I pulled away, one of her tears hit my paw.

We were standing at the cave entrance; the sun was shining brightly and there was no wind.

“Well be safe, and take some food with you.” Luca handed us a sack full of berries, vegetables and even some leftover pancakes. “You should go now, Rio is probably around here somewhere, you can say bye to him, and hurry!”

“Okay, thanks for everything Luca.” Lotram said.

“We walked forward, looking for Rio on the way. He didn’t appear to be anywhere until--


“What the hell?” Lotram asked, as I was hit by something to the side,

I opened my eyes to find myself in the bushes with Rio. This was one of the flashes from last night. He glared at me, then said a few words.

“I’m a chosen one, you know”

“You can see the future?”

“No, you dirty water skank! There are several different types of chosen ones.”


“Yes, I’m known as a ‘Natural Learner’ I can learn any move I want. I tried to send the message to you by hypnotizing my mother, but naturally, you had no idea. You must go now!”

I was intrigued. “What other types are there?”

“You must leave--NOW!”

I was frightened by the little Riolu, running away immediately, not staying long enough, to hear Rio call me, “Dumbass!”

I returned to Lotram

“What was that about?”

“Nothing…let’s go now.”

We ran off until it got dark again.

I could swear we were almost back to the big city, where my trainer was waiting for us.

There was something unusual about this place, however. It wasn’t dark and woody like the forest; it was watery and damp, like a swamp. I could see a figure across the swamp. I couldn’t quite make it out, it was just too dark. I could sense it staring back at me.

I suddenly had that feeling again; the feeling I get when I think about my trainer’s Bayleef. I ran ahead, as close to the swamp as possible, trying to get as close a look as I could; it was no use. Lotram caught up with me

“What is it?”

“This is it--this is the dream that has been plaguing me” However, this time it was no dream. I was going to find out who was staring at me.

To Be Continued…
The Lost and Found
Chapter Five
The Found
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PostSubject: Re: The Lost and Found (Edited-PG)   

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The Lost and Found (Edited-PG)
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